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Fort Smit

Fort Smith, with a population of 87,000 is the second-largest city in Arkansas and lies at the Oklahoma state border. This means it sees a lot of shipping traffic along I-40 and S.R. 22. In fact, the city sits at a bit of a crossroads for interstate transportation. So, while there aren’t a huge number of resident drivers, there are a lot more cars and trucks on the road. Because it’s the largest city in western Arkansas, it also attracts a lot of tourists, particularly to its theaters, the Riverfront Amphitheater, and the Fort Smith Convention Center (which attracts a lot of trade shows and other events).

Fort Smith is certainly not a sleepy little town, and your insurance rates will probably reflect this. The more traffic a city sees, the more accidents take place, which is one statistic insurance companies consider when calculating the rates for different cities. If your rates have increased over the past few years, or you just want to see what the competition can offer, make sure you compare the many choices for cheap insurance Fort Smith can offer.

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