The average miles on a car per year is 13,476 miles per year or 1,123 miles per month. However, this does not account for the events we saw in 2020, mainly the pandemic, which reduced the average miles on a car per year by as much as 17%. This raises the question: What else affects average mileage? We use our vehicles for commuting, errands, road trips, and more. If you work from home or don’t leave the house often, you might not rack up many miles on your car. On the other hand, if you commute several hours a day, you may have a lot of miles on your vehicle—maybe even many more than average.

What Factors Affect Average Miles Per Year Driven?

The average miles driven in a year varies based on three main factors:
  • Gender: Men tend to drive more than women. The average man drives 16,550 miles a year, while women log an average of 10,142 miles.
  • Age: Those over 65 are driving more, while teens are driving less overall and even delaying their licenses altogether.
  • Location: Between 2011 and 2014, Oregon, Alaska, and Georgia saw increases in average miles per year driven, while North Dakota and Louisiana saw decreases.
Now that you know what the average miles on a car per year is, you can use this information to assess your driving habits. Are you driving more than that? If so, you could be paying more for car insurance. Those who drive below the average can save 3% or more on their insurance.