If your parked car is involved in a hit-and-run, do you know how to report it? It can be extremely frustrating to discover your parked car has been the victim of a hit-and-run, but there are five simple steps you can take to report and resolve your situation.


1. Call the police. Contacting the proper authorities to file an accident report is the first step you’ll want to take. Explain that you would like to report an accident and that your car was parked, but it was involved in a hit-and-run. Dispatch will estimate how long you will need to wait for a police officer to show up and take your report.


2. Take pictures. While you’re waiting for the police, take photos of your car from every angle. Gathering photographic evidence of the surrounding area will help the police determine what direction the offending vehicle was coming from and where they may have driven as they fled the scene. Even pictures of the ground where any skid marks might be, or where your tires or car may have been pushed from its original position by the impact, can help. Documenting the scene will help the police and your insurance company help you.


3. Check for witnesses. Someone might have seen the accident and might have a description of the car and driver involved in the hit-and-run. They might even have a license plate number for you to include in your report to the police.


4. Contact your car insurance company. The accident report from the police is necessary for the claims process with your insurance company. There are many variations on auto insurance policies: uninsured motorist coverage, collision, comprehensive, and so many more. Your provider will be able to walk you through your policy to discover how best to resolve your hit-and-run utilizing your coverage.


5. Move your car. Your car might be drivable, or maybe it needs a tow truck, but you don’t want to leave it on the street or in a parking lot where it might get ticketed or towed by the owner of the property. Get your car to a mechanic or the safety of your home after completing the first few steps listed above.

Remember, it is a criminal act for someone to hit a parked car and then flee the accident scene. Following the proper steps to report the hit-and-run to both the authorities and your insurance provider will help give you the guidance you need to resolve the situation and, perhaps, bring the offending driver to justice.

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