How Texas Does Insurance Savings

Monday, July 16, 2018

Texans Save On Car Insurance Everyday


The big “lone star” state has an abundance of opportunity for drivers.

Whether you are looking to buy your first car and are eager to get out on the road, or you have hit a certain age and are ready to retire.

In the United States, we all love and need our cars at every stage of life.

Getting your car insurance right is one way you can impress your family members, save money and make sure that your interests are put first.

When looking for cheap car insurance Texas drivers need, you should contrast and compare rates.

There are a few ways to do this.

One great way to by getting online quotes from many different insurance companies.

Another is to have an agent or broker help you through the process.

Probably the most helpful piece of information when searching is knowing how much car insurance you will need.

Here how insurance companies decide how much to charge you:

Basically, they have a list of factors that they assess.

This is called “risk assessment”.

In a nutshell, the insurance company wants to know how much of a risk you are as a driver.

How likely it would be for you to get into an accident and how likely it would be that they would have to pay out for that accident.


Here are some factors you should know about:


  • Where you live and how your zip code affects you. If you live in a city with a high population and a lot of traffic, you will pay more for insurance.
  • Your age and marital status are important. If you are under 25, your risk of getting into an accident is higher. If you are married, you are more likely to want to get home safely to your spouse. This may seem like nonsense, but it’s not.
  • What size engine does your car have and how old is it?
  • Have you been in an accident before?
  • These are a few of the factors that insurance companies take into account when assessing you as a new customer.

Every Texan Should Know This:


When searching for Cheap car insurance, you will want to know how much you need.

For instance, there are minimum state requirements for all drivers.


Here is what that looks like:

Texas’ Car Insurance Requirements


  • Bodily Injury coverage requirements are a minimum of $30,000 per person and $60,000 per accident.
  • Property damage liability minimum requirements are $25,000.
  • Uninsured Motorist coverage is not required, but insurance company’s are required to offer it, and explain the coverage to consumers.

If you want more insurance and have a loan out on your car. You will need full coverage.


  • Collision coverage which covers you and your own vehicle if damaged in an accident
  • Comprehensive coverage which will cover theft and small damages not incurred from an accident
  • Towing and Roadside Assistance will be greatly welcomed if you get stranded on the side of the road.

Examples You Can Trust


Here are some great examples of cheap car insurance from our friends at The General.

Let’s say you are a female driver who drives a 2015 Toyota Camry.

What are the possibilities that you will get cheap insurance?

Well, first of all this depends on your zip code.

Wanting the cheap insurance Austin can give you?

Look no further. The General has quotes for Austin, Texas.

Here are some real quotes from Texas drivers that could be helpful.

Here is the first scenario:

  • 28 year old female driver
  • The car is a 2015 Toyota Camry that still has a loan on it (this means this driver will need full coverage)
  • She lives in Austin, Texas and has a clean record.
  • Drives 15,000 miles a year and has been doing so for 10 years.
  • She could get full coverage on this car for as little as $132 a month. This means she will pay $1,584 a year on her car insurance.
  • Remember that full coverage means that even if this driver is at fault in an accident, she won’r have to pay out of pocket.
  • There is however a deductible. This could be $500 or $1,000. The lower the deductible you choose, the higher your premiums will be.


Second Quote


The second scenario is: the same female driver only this time she lives in Dallas (a larger town with more traffic than Austin).


  • A 28 y ear old female driver with 15,000 miles driven a year will get you a bigger quote in a city with more people.
  • The real quote we got is that this driver will pay about $10 more a month on car insurance living in Dallas than in Austin. That brings her monthly premium to $142 a month. That is an annual tally of $1,704. Now many times if you pay for you insurance annually instead of monthly, you could save.
  • There are many other ways to save on car insurance. Remember that there are hundreds of factors that the insurance companies weigh and this is only one quote.
  • We at Cheap Insurance could find you quote from dozens of insurance companies from around the nation.
  • Getting the cheap car insurance Dallas drivers want may cost a little more, but it might be worth it to live in this great city.


Last But Not Least


This same female driver could move to San Antonio and get a completely different quote.

The General gave us some great real quotes to look at when investigating.

When purchasing auto insurance in San Antonio, where you live in San Antonio can make a difference.

Living downtown where there is more congestion could mean higher rates.

As opposed to living in the suburbs surrounding the city.

  • 28 year old female driver who has a 2015 black Camry.
  • She lives in the suburbs surrounding San Antonio and drives about 15,000 miles a year to work, school and back home.
  • This driver has a clean driving record and is over 25 years of age which should help her situation.
  • She got a quote for $131 a month on car insurance. A great savings from the Dallas female we saw above.
  • Want cheap car insurance San Antonio style? It seems a lot of people do!
  • Contact an agent today to get the best quote around.


What About Gender?


How can gender make a difference when talking about car insurance?

Gender is one of the factors an insurance company will look at when deciding if you are a risky driver.

Most of the time males drivers tend to have more accidents and DUI’s.

This means that any male driver under the age of 25 will be paying the most for car insurance.

Having said that, if you are a safe male driver who has been insured for over ten years, you will see those numbers drop.

Let’s look at some real quotes from The General.

This is how male Texan drivers compare to females.


First Scenario:


  • This male driver is 33 years old, single and drives a 2016 Ram 1500 4X4.
  • Trucks can be more costly to insure because of their size and engine.
  • A newer truck with a loan attached will be more expensive than an older truck that has been paid off.
  • He wants to get the cheap insurance Houston has to offer because he just moved there.
  • He has a great and clean record which he has sustained for 13 years. This driver has been insured for this time but not all with the same company. Some insurance companies reward loyalty and will reduce the amount you pay every year simply by being a loyal customer.
  • This truck is the only car he has and he still has a loan out on it. Many times an insurance company will give you discounts for insuring multiple cars on one policy. This is called “bundling”. Ask your agent how bundling could save you money.
  • The quote we got for this kind of driver living in a large city like Houston is $164 a month for full coverage on this truck.
  • Many times you can get lower rates if you pay off your loan and downsize your insurance needs.


Second Scenario:


Another real quote we were able to gather was from the same male driver, with the same truck, but that lives in Fort Worth, Texas.

Fort Worth has a great vibe and is a wonderful place to live, but it is cheaper to insure a truck there?

  • This male driver drives 12,000 miles a year on his 2016 Dodge truck 4×4.
  • He has a clean record and has been insured for 13 years straight.
  • With this quote from The General he will only have to pay $149 a month for the truck he loves driving so much!
  • This means he will pay $1,788 a year for full coverage insurance on a newer style truck.
  • This could be lowered to only $122 a  month if he wanted just the minimum coverage.
  • There are many ways to get discounts and save on your car insurance.
  • As you can see from these examples, where you live makes a huge difference.
  • Getting the cheap insurance Fort Worth drivers need is cheaper than ever.


Third Quote


The last quote for this same male who drives a truck is for the city of El Paso.

This border town is not the smallest city in Texas by any means.

But it also is not a main attraction like Dallas or Houston.

A male driver in El Paso will be quoted to pay about $139 a month for full coverage

Getting the cheap car insurance El Paso drivers want is easy and available through an agent.

Talking with a broker can help not only answer your questions but get your the best deal.


So how can we find you the best quote?


Now, after helping California drivers for forty years, we have expanded our online system to provide insurance quotes to drivers nationwide. We help you find the best carriers, at the absolute lowest rates, without having to go to an office or spend hours on the phone answering the same questions over and over. How easy is it to get an insurance quote?


This easy:



  • • Choose your product: Auto, Health, Home, Life, Renter, or Motorcycle
  • • Enter your zip code
  • • Answer a few basic questions
  • • Presto! – get your quote.


Let Us Help You!




Let our staff help you find all of the discounts you may be eligible for. Cheap Insurance is a brokerage that has access to dozens of insurance companies. We can find you the best rate for your current situation, no matter what that may be. We shop for you. Should you have a perfect driving record or if you are an unlucky driver, Cheap Insurance is the only call you need to make.


Here are some of the discounts you could qualify for:


  • Discounts for safety courses taken- taking a safety course can help your premiums go down because it proves that you are a safe driver.
  • Marital discounts
  • Good driver discounts- having a driving record which shows safe driving and responsible skills will only help you when shopping for insurance.
  • Multi-car discounts- Not only having multiple cars can help, but the types of cars your family drives could save you.
  • Multi-policy discounts- You may want to consider getting homeowners insurance, motorcycle insurance, car insurance, SR22 insurance and much more from the same insurance company.
  • Association discounts
  • Education discounts
  • Occupation discounts- Depending on what kind of job you have and how far you need to commute for that job could make a difference in your policy choice and price.
  • Excess vehicle discounts
  • Mileage discounts- Keeping low miles on your vehicle should keep your premiums lower.



The best part about working with a broker is that we can match you up with dozens of other insurance companies to find you the best rates.

It is better to have more information than less.

Getting real quotes is something you should always do when investigating how to save money on your car insurance.

These examples from above are there to help you understand and navigate the world of insurance better.

Every day hundreds of people sign up and get there free and instant quote from Cheap Insurance.

Whether you want to go with a big name insurance company, or a small more intimate one, there is a place for you.


  • Whether you need comprehensive and collision coverage, liability coverage, roadside assistance, or other options, your policy will be specifically tailored to your needs. Speak with one of our expert agents to find the coverage you for need for your specific motorcycle or recreational vehicles.


Here are a few terms you may want to know:


  • An agent is a person who sells insurance and must be licensed to do so. Our agents are licensed and trained to help you receive the highest discounts.
  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage will pay the injured party if you are at fault in an accident. It may also cover legal fee’s or loss of wages.
  • Bundling is coverage that includes multiple policies such as auto and homeowners insurance that are combined to save the consumer on premium costs.
  • Claim- a claim is a request to the insurance agency for compensation due to covered loss.

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