Cheap Insurance Santa Rosa, CA


Santa Rosa is a Bay Area city with a laid back feel.

Close to the wine country and not far from San Fransisco, this city has a lot to offer.

The people here are down to earth and friendly and come from all walks of life.

They are intense Giants baseball fans and have a zest for the city they live in.

On the weekends you can find Santa Rosa residents visiting a winery or brewery.

They are everywhere in this area of the San Fransisco Bay Area.

Santa Rosa may be a large city, but it is surrounded by agriculture and nature.

Just outside of the city, you will find beautiful estuaries and farmers growing Californias food.

The best parts of the Bay Area can be found here in Santa Rosa. The communities are tight knit and people seem to be proud of the history of this city.

With almost 180 thousand people, this is one of the larger Bay Area towns.

Northern influence makes Santa Rosa a little more rural than other Bay Area cities.

The best known advice for someone living here? Get out and enjoy the weather!

Sunny afternoons and grassy hilltops make for great hiking and fun.

There is a nice mix between city and country, and people tend to enjoy both just as equally.

Part of Californias “Redwood Empire” you aren’t far from big, beautiful Redwood trees. In fact, many people take great pride in the Redwood forests close by.

Santa Rosa may be industrialized now, but there are still some amazing historical buildings.

One of the older towns in Northern, California, Santa Rosa was named for the Saint Rose of Lima.

There is a rich, magnificent history behind this town, and the generations of families who have lived and worked here.

Makes you want to move here right? If you do live here, you will need the correct insurance.

The state has certain requirements.

Get the cheap insurance Santa Rosa wants you to have!


Insurance Requirements Santa Rosa


Homeowners Insurance


There are so many benefits to owning a home.

It is not a state law but the majority of homeowners have the proper insurance.

It is the best way to live risk-free. We would like to help you find the right kind for you and your family.

Your home is your largest personal investment and it needs protection.

But finding the correct balance of coverage and cost is a difficult process.

  • You have a few different types of coverage: a cash value coverage, a replacement cost coverage and a guaranteed or exceeded cost coverage.
  • Not every type of damage is covered by homeowners insurance. Ask your agent if you have something specific you would like covered.
  • If you have a home-based business, your homeowners insurance could be a tax write off.

You will want the best protection for this large purchase!

Here are what most policies offer:

    • Property Damage
    • Loss of Use
    • Liability
    • Limited coverage for stolen items
    • Additional coverage for valuables

Get the cheap homeowners insurance Santa Rosa requires and feel great about it!

Call and talk to someone who knows what you might need and what to expect.

Knowledge is power when it comes to getting your cheap homeowners insurance.


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Renters Insurance


Every household needs good insurance. Whether you own or rent. Renting is a great option for most people.

Even if you live in a studio apartment, your valuables should be protected. Renters insurance does not always cover what homeowners does.

If you are a renter in California and do not have renters insurance, you are taking a big risk.

How much is your television worth? How about your jewelry? Computers? Musical instruments?

You should know what valuables you have by making an itemized list.

I bet if you added up all of your belongings, you have thousands of dollars worth of items.

Don’t you want to be protected? All of this could be insured for as little as $20 a month!

  • You could qualify for renters insurance discounts if you take the proper safety precautions. Put in fire alarms, a front door alarm, and even an automatic spotlight in the front. Anything to deter burglaries can help you save.
  • Renters insurance is very easy to attain. You can get an online quote in minutes.
  • You can always buy additional coverage if you think that all of your items will not be protected.

Know the value of your life. Renting is just as important as owning a home. After all it is the place where you live, lay your head down and raise your family.

So call today and find out what you might want.

Get the cheap renters insurance Santa Rosa residents should have.


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Car Insurance


Anyone who lives in the Bay Area knows traffic can be bad. If you commute or drive your family around you will want protection.

The best thing about having full protection is the safety you feel when driving in congestion all day long.

Living in Santa Rosa has it’s benefits. It also has it’s difficulties. One of these is car congestion and traffic.

This puts you and your family at a higher risk of getting into an accident.


Here are the minimum requirements for the state of California:

Bodily Injury Liability Limits:

  • $15,000 per person
  • $30,000 per occurrence

Property Damage Liability Limits:

  • $5,000 per occurrence

  • There are a few things we will need to know to better assist you such as:

    • What is your age and the age of your drivers? Did you know that the younger the driver the more the policy?
    • Teenagers are four times more likely to get into an auto accident. Because of this, insurance policies for younger people can be much more.
    • There are insurance policies for risky drivers as well. You may pay more for your insurance policy if you are a “high-risk” driver.
    • Having multiple tickets, or a DUI, you may be unable to attain the lowest insurance policy. However, Cheap Insurance can make sure you are still covered with the insurance that is required.


Even though you only need a minimum amount of car insurance in the state of California, you may want full coverage.

Full coverage will make sure that you feel risk-free while driving. Do you commute in traffic? Do you transport children? Don’t take the risk of just settling for the minimum coverage.

Get the cheap car insurance Santa Rosa requires!

Call us today for your free quote.


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Motorcycle Insurance


Are you not driving a car but riding a bike instead? Now more than ever there is a reason to be fully covered.

Having the cheap motorcycle insurance that Santa Rosa residents deserve is easy and affordable.

The process is almost identical to getting car insurance.

You will need to have the minimum coverage on your bike to ride out on the road.

This varies by state.

Here is an example of the minimum coverage needed to ride in the state of California:

  • Bodily Injury Liability Limits: $30,000 per occurrence/$15,000 per person
  • Property Damage Liability Limits: $5,000 per occurrence

There are some limitations as to what can be covered. But here are a few examples of what you can insure under a motorcycle policy.

Types Of Motorcycle Insurance Offered

  • Two Wheel Motorcycles
  • Scooters
  • Mopeds
  • Motocross and Dirt bikes
  • Trikes
  • Custom Motorcycles and Choppers
  • Kit Bikes
  • Any factory-built two or three-wheeled vehicle


 Get your hands on the best cheap motorcycle insurance Santa Rosa requires.

You won’t regret the decision to have proper coverage.

You could be covered for bodily injury, property damage, collision, comprehensive, towing and uninsured motorist coverage.

Get your free quote!


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SR22 Insurance


  • If you or a loved one has had a DUI, you need SR22 insurance. California law requires it. This document is crucial in getting you back out on the road.  To provide for your family, you most likely need a car. You can’t drive with a revoked license. There are ways to  help with this process.
  • An SR22 form shows the state and the DMV that you are prepared to keep a minimum amount of car insurance. To be able to drive, you will need the proper paperwork and registration. For three years you will be monitored. One wrong move, and your license could be taken again.

You must first head to the DMV and fill out the correct paper work.

SR22 coverage is added to your existing auto insurance policy. Your insurance company files the form electronically with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

You will need car insurance as well.

Be prepared to have your SR22 insurance for three years.


  • The first thing you need to do is contact your car insurance company. In most states there is a $15 to $25 fee to file the SR22.
  • To obtain an SR22 filing,  purchase minimum liability coverage on all vehicles registered to you, whether they are operational or non-operational. For those who do not own a vehicle, “non-owners” liability coverage is required.

Know your rights as a citizen. Know the laws of your state. We as brokers can help you with this process and find you the kind of insurance you are looking for.

Call us today and talk about what your needs are. Sr22 insurance is serious and you need an educated broker to walk you through the process.

Get back out on the road safely.

Have the cheap SR22 insurance Santa Rosa requires.

You won’t regret it!


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Health Insurance


Being healthy is a way of life. For some of us, health risks come anyways.

Do you want your family to be covered for any medical attention they might need?

Check ups with your doctor are important for your health. Let us show you some options.

  • In a traditional healthcare plan, the doctor is reimbursed for all or some of the patients visits by the healthcare insurance company. This gives the patient the freedom to choose their own doctor and plan. For this type of plan, there is a premium paid and usually a yearly deductible.
  • Through managed care policies, the insurance company must approve certain aspects of care for the patient.
  • The portion of the U.S. economy spent on healthcare is almost 20%.
  • Costs can vary wildly between policies. With our national network of Health Insurance Professionals we can help you find all the possible discounts available to you.
  • Think about what kinds of healthcare coverage you and your family might need.
  • How often are you sick?
  • Does one of your family members have a chronic illness?
  • Maybe you are planning to have a child in the near future. These are all great things to think about when looking into health coverage

We can help you find a plan and a doctor that fits your needs. There are many different types of healthcare plans out there.

You can choose one by sticking to a budget, or by choosing a certain doctor.

From HMO to PPO, we know what healthcare means to Americans.

Get the cheap health insurance Santa Rosa residents deserve today!

It will be well worth your time.


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Life Insurance


  • A life is a precious thing. Your family deserves to be financially secure. Life insurance is a great tool to have. Life insurance can provide financial stability to those that you leave behind. You may not want to think about this, but now is the time! Life can be uncertain. You may be in debt, or have a mortgage to pay for. When you pass, you will leave these obligations to your family. Whether it is a spouse or sibling, someone will be in charge of your things when you go. Make sure you have enough money set aside to help with this process.
  • Most of the time people choose to take out a sum equal to ten times their yearly salary. This means that if you make 50 thousand dollars a year, you will need a life insurance policy of at least tens times that which equals 500 thousand dollars or half a million.
  • You can also choose to add up all of your debts and assets. You may also want to leave behind a college fund for grand kids. There are also funeral arrangements to be made. That can cost thousands of dollars.

Even though reading a policy can be intimidating, the basic facts of life insurance are pretty simple.


You pay a monthly payment to the insurance company, and if you die, the people listed to receive the money will get the payout of your total coverage amount. 

You have no idea when you’ll need insurance. Plan ahead and be prepared for the future.

There are many types of insurance products out there. But it comes down to two products: permanent and term life insurance products.

You can purchase term or whole life and anything in between.

We can show you how.

Have the cheap life insurance Santa Rosa families want.

Don’t wait! Attain your life insurance policy today!


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