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Indio is more than just a typical southern California town. This “City Of Festivals” brings people from all over the world together multiple times each year. Indio is a great place to get away during the winter months as well. You can find equestrian parks here, golf courses and so much more to explore. People really live the outdoor experience in this town. Whether you are traveling from out of town to attend one of the hundred events held here every year, or even if you live here, you know you will never miss out on a fun time. One of the biggest attractions each year is the Coachella Music and Arts Festival.

The main economic drive for Indio is the tourism and agriculture. For years Indio has been a large distributor of dates. The trees that produce fruit thrive in the southern, sunny weather. There are also large amounts of citrus groves that offer food for the United States and beyond. If you are looking for even more to do in Indio, check out the Indian Casinos. There are three prominent ones in the area, and usually have an eclectic night life scene as well as beautiful grounds. The cheap insurance Indio has to offer can really come in handy and save you tons.

If you are a tourist of Indio, you can see why people might want to settle down in this area. Maybe you already live here and are looking to purchase a home. You will want to attain great homeowners insurance. You could be looking for that very special vacation spot to spend the winters. Indio is known for seasonal rentals. Get the renters insurance you are looking for my talking with a representative at Cheap Insurance. No matter if you live in Indio, or just vacation here, insurance is always a great way to protect you and your family.  Let’s see what kind of insurance you might be needing in Indio.


Insurance Requirements Indio

Car Insurance


You need car insurance no matter where you live in California. There is a great feeling that overcomes you when coasting down a desert highway. Maybe you commute from Los Angeles to Indio on weekend. Perhaps you are just looking for your next family vehicle. No matter the reason, cheap car insurance in Indio is a must. Talking with an insurance broker can put your mind at ease. There are here to help guide you through this process. First you must understand what types of insurances there are and what the state law says about them. Unless you have a loan out on your vehicle, most people choose to have minimum coverage in California.

Here is what that looks like:

  • Bodily Injury Liability Limits: $30,000 per occurrence/ $15,000 per person
  • Property Damage Liability Limits: $5,000 per occurrence

These cheap car insurance options will only protect the other party involved in a crash.

Full coverage means you will get much more insurance for not that much of an increase in price.

Here are some examples of coverage:

  • Collision coverage will make sure you and your car are protected in an accident. Even if that accident is your fault.
  • Comprehensive coverage will cover things like theft and minor damages to your vehicle.
  • Medical coverage for you and your passengers- Medical coverage can make a huge difference for your security and safety.
  • Towing and roadside assistance- You may not only need this for a crash, but if you break down. Roadside assistance can save you time and money.
  • Rental reimbursement- You could be covered or reimbursed for a rental car when you are involved in a crash.
  • Uninsured Motorist coverage- this will make sure that you are still covered even if someone without insurance hits you.

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Homeowners Insurance


A great investment for you and your family is the one you make when you purchase a home. Indio has a great real estate market, that still makes it affordable for most people to live. There are many vacation homes here as well and people pride themselves on their homeownership. You will see everything from grand mansions, to smaller, modest starter homes. No matter if you are buying for the first time or the tenth time, you need great homeowners insurance you can count on. This is where Cheap Insurance comes in. Talking with a broker can be very helpful especially when trying to acquire discounts. Getting the cheap insurance quotes in Indio that you want is now just a click away. You can choose to do everything online, or have a more intimate conversation with a broker.

Here is what to expect with a homeowners insurance policy:

  • You have a few different types of coverage: a cash value coverage, a replacement cost coverage and a guaranteed or exceeded cost coverage.
  • Not every type of damage is covered by homeowners insurance. Ask your agent if you have something specific you would like covered.
  • It is always a good idea to make an inventory of the valuables in your home. You could always take pictures or video of the things you have and add up the costs.
  • Insurance companies do take into consideration the depreciation of value on goods in your home.
  • An insurance company cannot just cancel your insurance. They have to have a good reason such as failure of payments.

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Renters Insurance


Many people prefer to rent a home rather than buy one. Renting can be a great option for you depending on your financial situation. Because Indio is such a place of tourism, many vacation homes are rentals. This includes condos and apartments as well as larger homes. For anyone renting, whether it be long term or seasonal, you need renters insurance. This types of insurance will protect your own assets and liability while staying in that particular home. You could be protected from thefts and much more.

Getting the cheap insurance in Indio, means doing a little research and understanding what your options are. The best part about renting a home is not having to insure the structure itself. This is the job of the landlord. Renters insurance is very cheap, because what you are insuring is minor in comparison to what homeowners need to insure.

Here is what renters insurance could cover for you:

  • Theft- if someone comes into your home and steals any personal property
  • Fire or lightning damage- mother nature has a way of damaging property
  • Smoke damage- a small kitchen fire can cause a lot of damage, be covered.
  • Water damage- if there is any water damage to the house you are renting it could costs thousands to repair
  • Hail or windstorm damage- Live in a place with high winds? Be prepared.
  • Damage from falling objects- If a tree falls, it can cause some serious damage.
  • Personal property- Jewelry, furs, fine art, and the excess things in your house not covered by theft.
  • Dwelling- major property coverage that protects house and attached structures.
  • A landlord’s insurance policy may not cover theft and damages. You will want to have your own. Most landlord’s insurance policies cover damages to the structure due to negligence. If you do not have renters insurance, you may have to pay out of pocket.

Renters insurance can also be considered a tax write off. For as little as $20 a month, you could be insured with a great company. Bundle your renters insurance with car or motorcycle insurance and save even more.

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Motorcycle Insurance

The desert is one of the most fascinating places to ride a bike. Hundreds of miles of road in your back yard. If you live in Indio, you will see a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts come in and out of town. Whether it be for a festival or as a minor stop on their way to something more exciting. Motorcycles do rumble in the Coachella Valley from time to time. The more time you spend on a bike, the more you realize how dangerous it can actually be. This is why you need protection with the right amount of insurance. You will also need bodily protection like a helmet and good jacket.

Did you know you can have your gear covered under your motorcycle insurance policy? Talk to a broker and understand what types of insurance will keep you safe. Most of the time, bikers tend to carry the maximum amount of insurance coverage. This is because they know being on a bike is dangerous. Be knowledgeable about your needs and the laws of California.


Here are some discounts you might qualify for:

  • Discounts for safety courses- there are many safety and training courses available and usually take up one whole day to complete.
  • For more than one motorcycle- if you have multiple motorcycles or vehicles, you could bundle and save!
  • Discounts for additional products purchased
  • For being a safe driver- years with a good driving record will save you when searching for the right insurance.
  • Contact one of our Motorcycle Specialist for a complete review. They will make sure you have the coverage to meet YOUR needs.

Ask about coverage for the following:

  • Safety Apparel- you could get your helmet and other protective gear covered.
  • Custom Parts
  • Medical Coverage- this is a must when riding a motorcycle
  • Towing- very useful for when you break down and are left stranded on the side of the road.
  • Uninsured Motorist- when the other party fails to carry insurance, you will still be covered.
  • Roadside Assistance- you can use this for emergencies and even flat tires.

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SR22 Insurance


If you are looking for SR22 insurance you have most likely had a DUI or revoked license. Unfortunately these things do happen and when they do, you will need the right types of insurance to get yourself out of this bind. SR22 insurance is something you will need if you ever want to get back to driving. And let’s face it, you need your car. It gets you to work, to school, and you feel trapped without one. The good news is, California has a strategy in place for you to attain your license again.

You must file for SR22 insurance and keep it for a minimum of three years. This means you will also have to continue to carry coverage on your car and keep payments up to date. Stay out of trouble and you will be able to get your life back. There are a few different ways you may need to file for SR22 insurance.

Here are some of those ways:

SR22 documentation is “proof of financial responsibility” for drivers who have had their licenses
revoked or suspended for any number of reasons, including:

  • DUIs.
  • Excessive violations within a certain time frame.
  • Driving without insurance.
  • Outstanding traffic or parking fines.
  • At-fault accidents while uninsured.
  • Reckless driving.

What to do next?

  • The first thing you need to do is contact your car insurance company. In most states there is a $15 to $25 fee to file the SR22.
  • To obtain an SR22 filing, you must purchase minimum liability coverage on all vehicles registered to you, whether they are operational or non-operational. For those who do not own a vehicle, “non-owners” liability coverage is required.

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Health Insurance

Living a healthy life sometimes means more than just eating right. You will need to have regular check ups with a qualified doctor. The best part about having a doctor which you have a relationship with, is knowing that they care. Getting a great health insurance policy is not out of reach when you talk with a Cheap Insurance representative. In the state of California, you must carry health insurance. This means that whether you are rich or poor, you need insurance. The good news is that your health insurance policy is determined many times by your financial situation.  When you truly want to protect yourself and your family, take your health seriously and go see a doctor today.

Here is what you will need to know:

  • In a traditional healthcare plan, the doctor is reimbursed for all or some of the patients visits by the healthcare insurance company. This gives the patient the freedom to choose their own doctor and plan. For this type of plan, there is a premium paid and usually a yearly deductible.
  • Through managed care policies, the insurance company must approve certain aspects of care for the patient.
  • Costs can vary wildly between policies. With our national network of Health Insurance Professionals we can help you find all the possible discounts available to you.

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Life Insurance


One of the biggest misconceptions is that you don’t need life insurance. Another one is that you are too young to need life insurance. But one thing is for sure: life is full of the unexpected. Having life insurance guarantees your family financial stability when you are gone. There are many times when people probably wished they had life insurance. Or had more of it. Now is the time to change what the future looks like for your spouse and children.

Life insurance is the gif that keeps on giving and you will be thankful you made the call to Cheap Insurance. Make sure you understand the different types of policies. You don’t want to be caught overpaying for your life insurance. Have a guide who is on your side.

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