Cheap Insurance Escondido, CA


Escondido, California is a beautiful Mediterranean-style town near San Diego.

It has a lovely climate which makes living here easy. It was once named one of the most conservative cities in California.

When visiting this great town, you will find a plethora of museums such as the Escondido Children’s Museum and the Lawrence Welk Museum.

Many Escondido residents commute about 30 minutes into San Diego for work. Sometimes they make this commute purely for play.

Maybe even to watch the Major League Baseball team that resides there, or to swim in the ocean.

Escondido only receives about 15 inches of rain annually.

So you can only imagine how the residents here enjoy the sunshine and the great outdoors.

This Southern California town is purely a fun place to stay.

From the arid climate to the great location, it’s no wonder this city has been growing exponentially for years now.

If you are thinking of moving to Escondido or already live here, you will need the cheap insurance Escondido residents want.


How Do I Get Insurance In Escondido?

The best way to start looking for insurance is to assess what things in your life you want protected.

If you already have car insurance, think of ways to make your policy better.

Ask one of our brokers about any discounts you could apply for.

If you are looking at purchasing  your first home, homeowners insurance can get complicated.

You will want the most insurance for the least amount of money.

From motorcycles to Rv’s and even renters insurance, staying on the right side of things is important.

Get your insurance through a broker so that you can ask questions and feel secure in their knowledge.

Let’s see what you might be looking for.


Insurance Requirements Escondido


Homeowners Insurance


If you are buying a home or already own one, you know how important homeowners insurance is.

Protecting your largest person is no small fete. You will need guidance and expertise.

Knowing that you could rebuild your home if it was lost in a fire, or that your roof could be replaced if the wind blew it all away is really satisfying.

How much insurance do you get? What companies are the most reliable?

You can have all of these questions answered with Cheap Insurance.

Get the cheap homeowners insurance Escondido requires without spending a fortune.


Here are what most policies offer:

    • Property Damage
    • Loss of Use
    • Liability
    • Limited coverage for stolen items
    • Additional coverage for valuables
    • Homeowners insurance is in place in case a disaster such as a fire occurs and your home is destroyed. You will need it insured to pay off the loan on the home and recover damages.
    • Credit can be an important rating factor when looking for homeowners insurance. The difference in cost between someone that has excellent credit versus poor credit is nearly half.
    • Homeowners insurance covers four basic types of insurance: structure, personal belongings, liability, and additional living expenses.

The best way to know if you are getting a good deal is to comparison shop.

We at Cheap Insurance will do that for you.

We have many companies we work with to make sure that you are receiving the best discounts.

Click on the link button below to obtain your free quote today!


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Renters Insurance


Renting may be a better option for you and your family. You might be saving for a home, just starting out in the world or prefer to have less obligations.

Buying a home is a huge responsibility filled with time and commitment.

Renting a home doesn’t mean you are responsible for the structure, but with renters insurance you will have your assets protected.

From theft to liability, the risks are always high.

But if you want to be a good tenant and protect your assets, you need renters insurance.

You can attain the cheap renters insurance Escondido tenants need with us!

You could be covered for liability, theft and much more.


Here is what renters insurance can do for you:

  • A landlord’s insurance policy may not cover theft and damages. You will want to have your own. Most landlord’s insurance policies cover damages to the structure due to negligence. If you do not have renters insurance, you may have to pay out of pocket.
    Renters insurance can be very affordable. You could get coverage for as little as $12 a month!
    You may not think anything in your house is valuable, but add it up.
  • Many people do not know that the landlord is not responsible if there is a fire or damage to the home. If your personal belongings are destroyed, it is up to you to have insurance. You will want to make sure that you are covered in case this happens.
  • You love your stuff. All of your treasures that you have collected over the years. Your furniture and assets are probably worth something to you. They have a a value attached to them. So protect what is yours.


Call us today to get your free quote!

You can talk to a broker about bundling your renters insurance with your car insurance.


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Car Insurance


If you live in Southern California, you probably rely on your vehicle a lot.

Commuting into San Diego from Escondido is about a 30 minute drive. Thousands of people do this every day.

Not to mention you drive your family around in your car. Maybe you are expecting your teen to start driving soon.

Or perhaps you have a baby on the way and need to purchase a safer vehicle.

Whatever the reason is for looking into car insurance, you have come to the right place.

You need to have the correct cheap car insurance Escondido requires you to have.

But you also want to save money right?

We can help with that!


Here are the minimum car insurance requirements for the state of California:

Bodily Injury Liability Limits:

  • $15,000 per person
  • $30,000 per occurrence

Property Damage Liability Limits:

  • $5,000 per occurrence

Here are more insurance options that you might need:

  • Collision coverage will cover your own car in case of an accident
  • Comprehensive coverage will take care of theft and other types of accidents not incurred in an accident
  • Towing will cover or reimburse you for a tow and other roadside emergencies
  • Uninsured Motorist coverage will make sure that you are still covered for damages even if the other party lacks the proper coverage.
  • Know what documents you may need. It is always a good idea to have a copy of your drivers license and your driving record.
  • If you have taken any drivers safety courses, having a copy of this for your agent may be helpful as well.
  • You could also go as far as having a new copy of your credit score. Credit does play a part in purchasing auto insurance.

Call today and find out more about the best car insurance you can obtain.

You could have a quote within minutes.

We will do the comparison shopping for you!


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Motorcycle Insurance


It is a great feeling to ride a bike. To feel the wind on your face while out for a weekend run.

Hugging the tight corners of those Southern California mountain sis a great feeling.

You may own a motorcycle to save money on gas, or to help with the long commute.

Maybe you have only ever ridden a bike or perhaps you are looking to purchase your very first one.

Either way, the state law says you must be insured.

You will need the cheap motorcycle insurance Escondido bikers want.

You could be covered for bodily injury, property damage, collision, towing, uninsured motorist and much more.


Here is an example of the minimum coverage needed to ride in the state of California:

  • Bodily Injury Liability Limits: $30,000 per occurrence/$15,000 per person
  • Property Damage Liability Limits: $5,000 per occurrence

There are many other options available as well. Most of the time, the minimum coverage only covers the other party involved.

  • Collision coverage can help cover costs to you and your own bike.
  • Comprehensive coverage will cover theft and other types of damages to your bike.
  • Towing and roadside assistance are always a good idea in case you break down.
  • Uninsured Motorist coverage is a great idea. If you get into an accident with an uninsured rider or driver, your costs will still be covered.


You may be able to cover you gear. Take a safety class and save even more!

We can guide you. Call us today!


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SR22 Insurance


Have you had a DUI recently? Do you want to get back out on the road?

You will need the cheap SR22 insurance Escondido requires you to have.

It is hard to get back on your feet after having your drivers license revoked. But you are not alone.

Cheap Insurance has dealt with many cases just like yours.

Let us help you find the best solution for your issue.


Here is how to get started:

  • Let the DMV know you are obtaining SR22 insurance. They will have paperwork for you.
  • Buy at least the minimum car or motorcycle insurance needed. We can help you with this.
  • Be ready to have SR22 insurance for at least three years.
  • Never lapse on your payments for insurance or the SR22 documentation. You will have to start the whole process over again.
  • You can always take drivers safety courses to show that you are getting back on your feet. This might also help with discounts on insurance.

Call us today and be on your way to a new you.

Things happen in life that bring us down.

Don’t let this be one of them.

Attain your SR22 insurance now and live your life again.


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Health Insurance


Having health insurance for you and your loved ones doesn’t have to leave you broke.

You can have a great doctor at a fair price. You can choose an HMO or PPO and know that your choice won’t break the bank.

Even if you live a healthy lifestyle, accidents happen and you will want to be covered.

Health insurance is not only a great idea, it is mandatory in California.

Based on your income, you could have a list of doctors and plans available to you.

The more money you make, the more you end up paying for health care coverage.

Let us show you the options you have been looking for.


What is a health care plan and how will it work for me?


  • In a traditional healthcare plan, the doctor is reimbursed for all or some of the patients visits by the healthcare insurance company. This gives the patient the freedom to choose their own doctor and plan. For this type of plan, there is a premium paid and usually a yearly deductible.
  • Through managed care policies, the insurance company must approve certain aspects of care for the patient.
  • Health plans are managed by you.
  • You usually have to pay a co-pay when you visit your doctor. This is around $15.
  • When you raise your deductible, your monthly premium decreases.
  • The consequences for not having a health insurance plan in effect can even impact your tax returns.
  • Health insurance is a complicated subject, even more than auto coverage.
  • The simple way to look at healthcare is that it is there for you when you need it but you still have to pay for it when you don’t.


Make sure you have the cheap health insurance Escondido residents deserve.

We can get you a quote within minutes and have you on your way to a healthier life.


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Life Insurance



Give your family the gift of security when you are gone.

There is nothing more simple than leaving a financial gesture of love and comfort.

Life insurance is not only for others, but to settle your own debts and obligations.

You leave your policy amount to a beneficiary and they take care of it all.

Life insurance can be quite reasonable when you let us help you find it.

Getting the right kind of cheap life insurance Escondido residents deserve is simple.


There are a few ways to attain cheap life insurance and multiple policy options.


  • Term life insurance is a product that is called temporary because it’s meant to protect you for a certain amount of time. It comes in forms of 5 year term, 10 year term and all the way up to 30 and sometimes 40 year terms.
  • Permanent life insurance is a life insurance product that can provide life insurance protection for your entire life. Depending on the type of product or company, it can range from  coverage to age 90, 100, 121 or lifetime.
  • You can look at life insurance as an investment as well. Many times people can pull out of their life insurance plan after a certain number of years. You should speak with a financial advisor about this.


Call us today and we can walk you through the steps of having meaningful life insurance that is affordable.


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