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The Canyon City

Azusa, California is a city set at the base of a beautiful mountain. The San Gabriel Mountains in Southern California act as a majestic backdrop to this lovely town. With about 50 thousand residents, it is not a large city nor a small town, but a place to settle and stay. The College here is called Azusa Pacific University and is one way that this town stays young and vibrant. One motto often used for Azusa is “Azusa stands for everything from A to Z in the U.S.A.”.

With a rich history of Mexican Americans and Native Americans, Azusa is similar to other cities in this region. Located on the famous Route 66, tourism floats in and out giving restaurants and shops downtown a boost.  Like the dry, mild climate of most Southern California cities, Azusa attracts families, retirees and college students. This inland beauty is one hidden gem of the California southland just awaiting your arrival.


The largest employer in Azusa is the University. Many professors bring their families here to live and thrice. And this is welcomed. The schools are great and the economy is doing well. Housing is on the rise as is everywhere in California. But Azusa is still much lower than most of California with a median home price of around $475 thousand dollars. This means many families can choose to purchase their first homes here quite reasonably. When looking for that perfect home, you will want the best homeowners insurance.

Getting the cheap insurance Azusa residents want is as easy and calling your broker. Cheap Insurance has quality agents and representatives to serve your needs. Maybe you need car insurance for that long commute into Los Angeles for work? Getting a great car insurance coverage that counts is worth asking about.

Bundle your insurance policies and save even more. Living in Azusa can be simple and affordable. Why not have the insurance that helps you build that kind of lifestyle. From life insurance to renters insurance, the best policies are waiting for you. You must know the laws of your state. Figure out the amount of insurance that is right for you today.

Insurance Requirements In Azusa

Car Insurance

Car insurance is something everyone in California needs. Not only is it the law to carry a minimum amount of coverage, but in a state that is so congested, you are smart to over insure your vehicle. 20% of the drivers out on the California streets are not properly insured. This means that if one of these drivers hits you, you might be responsible for all of the cost. Having uninsured motorist coverage will ensure that this doesn’t happen to you. Maybe your family has more than one vehicle.

This is great because you could save money with a multiple car discount. Being a good driver can pay off as well. Take a driver safety course and shed dollars off of your bill. Whether you are a long-distance commuter or a stay at home mom. Car insurance is important. Ask about getting the cheap car insurance in Azusa and stay safe out on the road.

Minimum amount of insurance that you must have in California:

  • Bodily Injury Liability Limits: $30,000 per occurrence/ $15,000 per person
  • Property Damage Liability Limits: $5,000 per occurrence

These cheap car insurance options will only protect the other party involved in a crash.

More insurance choices:

  • Medical coverage for you and your passengers- Medical coverage can make a huge difference for your security and safety.
  • Towing and roadside assistance- You may not only need this for a crash, but if you break down. Roadside assistance can save you time and money.
  • Rental reimbursement- You could be covered or reimbursed for a rental car when you are involved in a crash.
  • Uninsured Motorist coverage- this will make sure that you are still covered even if someone without insurance hits you.
  • Full glass coverage- this is additional coverage for your car to cover glass windows and doors.
  • Loan/lease coverage- when you have a loan or a lease out on a vehicle, your coverage needs to be different. Most of the time a full policy is required.

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Homeowners Insurance

Purchasing a home is a large investment for you and your family. Make sure you are properly covered with the best homeowners insurance policy on the market. You might be looking at your first home, or your tenth rental property. It really doesn’t matter. Each home needs a certain amount of protection. The best protection comes from making sure your house has alarms and locks on it. You could save money on your homeowners insurance policy by making your house safer.

Living in a gated community also helps. Shed dollars off of your bill by putting a fence around your pool. Add extra liability insurance or medical coverage to your plan. Attain the best cheap insurance in Azusa and save with discounts today.

What Is Homeowners Insurance?

  • When you purchase a home, home lenders require you to have a minimum amount of coverage in order to protect what they are financing.
  • Homeowners insurance is in place in case a disaster such as a fire occurs and your home is destroyed. You will need it insured to pay off the loan on the home and recover damages.
  • Credit can be an important rating factor when looking for homeowners insurance. The difference in cost between someone that has excellent credit versus poor credit is nearly half.
  • Homeowners insurance covers four basic types of insurance: structure, personal belongings, liability, and additional living expenses.
  • The location of your home, the construction type, roof slope and many other features contribute to how much your homeowners insurance will be.

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Renters Insurance

Some people think that renting is a waste of money. But the truth is, with housing prices so high, renting can be a great option in California. The best way to rent a home is to have the renters insurance coverage you need. For as little as $20 a month you could obtain liability and theft coverage in the place you call home. You don’t have to own a house to call it your home. Your family and loved ones reside in this place. This house is important to you and you will want to protect it.

Your landlord is not responsible for keeping your assets and belongings covered under their homeowners policy. It is up to you top obtain renters insurance. Make a list of your valuables and add it up. You might be surprised how much your technology, jewelry and even art are worth. Obtain the insurance you need today by clicking on the link button below. Get the best cheap insurance quotes in Azusa and live happily ever after.

Here Is What Could Be Covered In Your Policy:

  • Theft- if someone comes into your home and steals any personal property
  • Fire or lightning damage- mother nature has a way of damaging property
  • Smoke damage- a small kitchen fire can cause a lot of damage, be covered.
  • Water damage- if there is any water damage to the house you are renting it could costs thousands to repair
  • Hail or windstorm damage- Live in a place with high winds?
  • Damage from falling objects- If a tree falls, it can cause some serious damage.
  • Personal property- Jewelry, furs, fine art, and the excess things in your house not covered by theft.
  • Dwelling- major property coverage that protects house and attached structures.
  • Explosion damage
  • Ice and sleet damage
  • Liability coverage-If someone is injured in your house, they could sue. Liability is a good idea.
  • Medical payments to others- if someone is injured and needs to have medical care.

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Motorcycle Insurance

The San Gabriel Mountains are a great place for a weekend ride on your bike. Living in Azusa opens up miles and miles of roads to dart across on your motorcycle. Many people choose to own a bike for the savings. Save on gas and maintenance. Compared to a car, you would be getting off easy by saving money on the initial cost. But we all know that riding a bike is much more dangerous than driving a car. This is why most people who live and ride in Azusa, choose to have the maximum amount of insurance coverage on their bikes.

California riders can take their bikes out year round. So it makes more sense to carry full coverage all year. Even the wet seasons aren’t so bad. Making sure you have great motorcycle insurance means asking your broker about discounts. Being a safe rider is about more than wearing a helmet.

Ask Your Broker About These Discounts:

  • Discounts for safety courses- there are many safety and training courses available and usually take up one whole day to complete.
  • For more than one motorcycle- if you have multiple motorcycles or vehicles, you could bundle and save!
  • Discounts for additional products purchased
  • For being a safe driver- years of a good driving record will save you when searching for the right insurance.

Types Of Motorcycle Insurance Offered

  • Two Wheel Motorcycles
  • Scooters
  • Mopeds
  • Motocross and Dirt bikes
  • Trikes
  • Custom Motorcycles and Choppers
  • Kit Bikes
  • Any factory-built two or three-wheeled vehicle

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SR22 Insurance

SR22 insurance is important to obtain if you have had your drivers license revoked for any reason. Carrying this type of insurance means that you have fallen on hard times. Perhaps you got a DUI. Drinking and driving is never permitted in the state of California. If you want to get back out on the road in a safe way, there are steps you need to follow by law. Talk to your broker about SR22 insurance and how it can help you get back on your feet.

Along with your normal car insurance, you will need to carry SR22 insurance for a minimum of three years. Three years may seem like a long time. You are proving yourself to the state by keeping insurance during this period. Being a safe driver is not only beneficial to you but others out on the road. The best part about having help from an agent is that they can make the process much easier for you. Don’t get stuck taking the bus forever. Get your license back the correct way.

Here’s How:

  • The first thing you need to do is contact your car insurance company. In most states there is a $15 to $25 fee to file the SR22.
  • To obtain an SR22 filing, you must purchase minimum liability coverage on all vehicles registered to you. This includes non-operational vehicles. For those who do not own a vehicle, “non-owners” liability coverage is required.
  • The DMV determines when your driver’s license is reinstated. DMV fees, typically a $10 reinstatement fee, are required to reactivate your driver’s license. In addition, any parking or moving violation judgments or fines will need to be resolved before reinstatement as well.

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Health Insurance

Living your best life may mean having a great doctor you can count on. Being healthy is partly up to you. You need to eat right and walk every day. There are some things that are beyond our control. The best part about getting health insurance is knowing that you and your family are covered even in the worst of times. Health coverage is mandatory in the state of California. Azusa residents need to be covered.

You can choose a plan that fits your needs and your budget. Your policy is based off of your annual income. The amount of money you make will effect how much you pay on your plan. This rule is set in place so that everyone can afford health coverage. Know your rights by talking to a broker today. Lower your premium by raising your deductible. This is just one way to save on your monthly plan.

About Health Insurance

Shopping prices and comparing plans are the key to finding the right balance. Two plans might even include the same physician network and facilities, with different rates and coverage. Side by side comparisons of plan offerings is critical. You should know what sort of patient you are. If you need routine checkups, and go to the doctor often, you may need a low co-payment. When you work a dangerous job you may want a different plan than someone who is struggling with a disease. Every plan covers something different. Ask your broker to be specific and offer you all the information you need.

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Life Insurance

Leave behind a legacy to the ones you love the most. With the correct life insurance policy, you can do just that. Your family depends on you. Why not have the financial coverage they need even after you are gone? Life insurance can be a blessing to those you count on you such as a spouse or children. Choose a plan that works for you by talking with a broker.

There are a couple different options and you want to be educated about. What your options are and how they can work for you are crucial. Money from a life insurance policy can be used to pay off your debt. Your dependents count on you to make good decisions for the future. Call and get a great policy for a reasonable price. It’s never too early to start thinking about life insurance.

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