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cheap home owners insurance sacramentoThe cost of living in Sacramento is 14% lower than the California average, but the cost of housing in Sacramento is 24% higher than the national average. The median home price in Sacramento is 30% higher than the national average, and the overall crime rate in Sacramento is 44% higher than the national average. These are important factors about the city that will have a direct effect on your homeowners insurance rate. A home is a big investment, and owners can protect that investment by making sure they know the limits and coverage of their homeowners insurance. If you understand how much insurance coverage you need, then you can investigate all the options for cheap homeowners insurance Sacramento has available.

Homeowners Insurance in Sacramento

Because it such a fantastic place to live, the Sacramento region suffers from an affordable housing inventory shortage. The area has spent 10 years recovering from the housing market collapse. Before the recession hit in 2008, the median home price in Sacramento County fell by more than $100,000 from $320,000 to $195,100. In 2011, it reached its low point of $164,900, but since then, has risen steadily. Now at $321,000, the median home price is $1,000 higher than it was in 2007. Due to a relative scarcity of high-paying jobs, more homeowners are choosing to stay in their homes instead of sell, which has led to shortage of affordable houses in many places across California.

Sacramento is one of the more affordable large metro areas in California. Zillow says home prices are rising quickly, and predicts Sacramento home values will appreciate almost 5 percent in 2017. As home prices rise it is important to make sure your most expensive investment is protected. Flooding is the most common natural disaster in the United States and Sacramento has a flood zone designation that directly influences the cost of flood insurance.

Making sure you know what your insurance company policy covers and how much you need, especially if you need something extra, like flood insurance. This will help you get a cheap homeowners insurance policy that adequately covers the most likely risks to your home.