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cheap homeowners insurance hesperiaHesperia is in the Mojave Desert, commonly referred to as the High Desert, and part of San Bernardino County. Suburban growth transformed the small town in 1970 from 5,000 people to over 60,000 by the year 2000. The estimated 2015 population is 93,295, and it is now the 7th largest city in San Bernardino County. Hesperia Lake is a man made lake on the south eastern edge of town and attracts visitors and residents alike. The cost of living in Hesperia is 23% lower than the California average and 5% higher than the national average. Housing is very affordable in Hesperia and the median home price in Hesperia is 15% lower than the national average. Still, owning a home anywhere in California is a big investment, so it is very important to understand how much insurance you need according to the special features of the area. This will help you get the best cheap homeowners insurance Hesperia has available.

cheap homeowners insurance hesperia 2Hesperia is safer than 36% of the cities in the United State, with an overall crime rate that is 5% lower than the national average. The City of Hesperia has contracted with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department for its police services since 1988. The Hesperia department has 54 sworn law enforcement personnel, and 18 professional staff employees who handle various administrative, clerical and technical duties. A low crime rate and a strong police force helps keep cheap homeowners insurance Hesperia an attainable reality.

Geographical characteristics are also an important factor in homeowners insurance rates. Like most of California, Hesperia has a very high earthquake risk. The largest earthquake within 30 miles of Hesperia was a 6.5 Magnitude in 1992. Small tremors occur almost everyday in Hesperia, and there is a 98.80% chance of a major earthquake within the next 50 years. Rain and snow are practically nonexistent in Hesperia, but the high wind conditions can be very dangerous during fire season. Most homeowners insurance policies cover theft and fire, but not earthquake damage. Be sure to add earthquake coverage to your homeowners insurance policy, it is well worth it!

About Homeowners Insurance in Hesperia

Since each homeowner is an individual, not every person will want the same coverage. However, there are certain aspects to homeowners insurance that are necessary. Most policies generally cover
the following:

  • cheap homeowners insurance hesperia 3Damage to your home, such as permanent structures being destroyed by fire.
  • Damage to personal property, including items in your home being damaged that are not permanent structures.
  • Liability Coverage, which can be useful in legal matters or if there is an accident at your residents.
  • Limited Coverage for theft, which covers things such as stolen jewelry or other expensive property.

California has many cheap homeowners insurance carriers to choose from and premium rates are largely based on who is providing the coverage. This means it pays to take the time to shop around for the best coverage on cheap homeowners insurance Hesperia has to offer.