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cheap homeowners insurance glendaleGlendale is located at the junction of two large valleys, the San Fernando and the San Gabriel, and is about 8 miles north of downtown Los Angeles. The cost of living in Glendale is 18% higher than the California average, and 60% higher than the national average. The median home price is $598,600, which is 181% higher than the national average. Like many places on the West Coast, it is a popular place to live without a lot of extra real estate. If you own a home here it is very important to understand how much insurance you need according to the special features of the area. This will help you get the best cheap homeowners insurance Glendale has available.

At $52,451, the median household income in Glendale is 2% lower than the national average. Many people commute to nearby Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley for more high paying jobs. That way they can take advantage of the lower crime rate and great location.

Glendale has some extreme geological aspects to consider if you own a home here. Several known
earthquake faults criss-cross the Glendale area and adjacent mountains, such as the Sierra Madre and Hollywood faults, situated in the city’s northern and southwestern portions. The Verdugo and Raymond faults intersect through the city’s central and southeastern areas. The San Gabriel fault, meanwhile, is located northeast of the city. Roughly 75 miles northeast of Glendale is the “Big cheap homeowners insurance glendale 2Bend”, a major portion of the San Andreas Fault, where quake-recurrence tracking shows major activity roughly every 140–160 years. In addition to earthquakes, summer can sometimes bring monsoon thunderstorms. From October to December, Santa Ana winds can reach up to 70 miles per hour, with gusts up to 100 in mountain passes and canyons, creating major fire hazards. Most homeowners insurance policies cover theft and fire, but not usually flood and earthquake. Make sure you are covered for mother nature’s extremes if you live in Glendale!

About Homeowners Insurance in Glendale

Since each homeowner is an individual, not every person will want the same coverage. However,
there are certain aspects to homeowners insurance that are necessary. Most policies generally cheap homeowners insurance glendale 3cover the following:

  • Damage to your home, such as permanent structures being destroyed by fire.
  • Damage to personal property, including items in your home being damaged that are not permanent structures.
  • Liability Coverage, which can be useful in legal matters or if there is an accident at your residents.
  • Limited Coverage for theft, which covers things such as stolen jewelry or other expensive property.

California has many cheap homeowners insurance carriers to choose from and premium rates are largely based on who is providing the coverage. This means it pays to take the time to shop around for the best coverage on cheap homeowners insurance Glendale has to offer.