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cheap homeowners insurance garden groveGarden Grove is located 55 miles south of Los Angeles and has plenty of attractions to see and great restaurants to enjoy. A little over half the population of Garden Grove are homeowners, and most of them keep their homes for a long time. The cost of living in Garden Grove is 2% higher than the California average, and 38% higher than the national average. At $59,360, the median household income in Garden Grove is 11% higher than the national average. If you own a home here it is very important to understand how much insurance you need according to the special features of the area. This will help you get the best cheap homeowners insurance Garden Grove has available.

The median home price in Garden Grove is $406,800, and is 132% higher than the national average. This is higher than the state average, but still quite a bit lower than some of the larger cities around Garden Grove. In 2010 the homeowner vacancy rate was 1.2%, which means, once people invest in a home, they don’t often walk away from it.

cheap homeowners insurance garden groveThe overall crime rate in Garden Grove is 2% lower than the national average, and crime involving property stands 4% lower than the state average, and 1% higher than the nation’s average. During the year, there is little rainfall in Garden Grove, which means the risk of fire is high. Theft and fire damage are typically covered under most homeowners insurance policies, but flood and earthquake are not. Now, Garden Grove homeowners might not need flood insurance for natural disasters, but there is the chance of water damage from broken pipes. Earthquakes are far more likely, given it is Southern California. In 1933, much of the town’s central business district was destroyed by the Long Beach earthquake, so adding flood and earthquake insurance to your policy is a good idea.

About Homeowners Insurance Garden Grove

Since each homeowner is an individual, not every person will want the same coverage. However, there are certain aspects to homeowners insurance that are necessary. Most policies generally cover the following:

  • Damage to your home, such as permanent structures being destroyed by homeowners insurance garden grove 3
  • Damage to personal property, including items in your home being damaged that are not permanent structures.
  • Liability Coverage, which can be useful in legal matters or if there is an accident at your residents.
  • Limited Coverage for theft, which covers things such as stolen jewelry or other expensive property.

California has many cheap homeowners insurance carriers to choose from and premium rates are largely based on who is providing the coverage. This means it pays to take the time to shop around for the best coverage on cheap homeowners insurance Garden Grove has to offer.