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cheap homeowners insurance escondidoEscondido is located in a shallow valley ringed by rocky hills in North San Diego County.  The city has been growing at a rapid rate since about 2010, with new communities like Hidden Trails appearing at the east end of East Valley Parkway. The cost of living in Escondido is 4% lower than the California average, but 30% higher than the national average. It has a very convenient location right off of the Interstate 15, which makes it a very popular place to live and then commute to either San Diego or Los Angeles for work.  At $437,800, the median home price in Escondido is 91% higher than the national average, but still significantly lower than a lot of Southern California cities. If you own a home here it is very important to understand how much insurance you need according to the special features of the area. This will help you get the best cheap homeowners insurance Escondido has available.

cheap homeowners insurance escondido 2Escondido has seen a drop in overall crime since 2008. The overall crime rate in Escondido is 10% lower than the national average, and property crime is 10% lower than the nation’s average. In 2010 Escondido saw a 5 percent drop in violent crime,  however, there was a 3.9 percent increase in the number of property crimes, including residential and commercial burglaries.

Because of its inland proximity it is considerably warmer than coastal cities like San Diego, Carlsbad or Oceanside. It also has a higher risk of fire, and is often plagued by the Santa Ana winds that come through during the summer months. Theft and fire are normally covered by basic homeowners insurance, but earthquake and flood damages are not. Escondido may not be a high risk for floods, but it is in Southern California, which automatically makes it earthquake territory.

About Homeowners Insurance in Escondido

Since each homeowner is an individual, not every person will want the same coverage. However,
there are certain aspects to homeowners insurance that are necessary. Most policies generally cover cheap homeowners insurance escondido 3the following:

  • Damage to your home, such as permanent structures being destroyed by fire.
  • Damage to personal property, including items in your home being damaged that are not permanent structures.
  • Liability Coverage, which can be useful in legal matters or if there is an accident at your residents.
  • Limited Coverage for theft, which covers things such as stolen jewelry or other expensive property.

California has many cheap homeowners insurance carriers to choose from and premium rates are largely based on who is providing the coverage. This means it pays to take the time to shop around for the best coverage on cheap homeowners insurance Escondido has to offer.