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cheap homeowners insurance anaheimThe cost of living in Anaheim is 3% higher than the California average, and the cost of housing in Anaheim is 109% higher than the national average. Because there is a wealth of job opportunities, a thriving tourism industry and a strong housing market, Anaheim is a popular place to live for city lovers. Popularity makes the cost of living in Anaheim higher than the nation’s average. The median monthly income is $78,324 for those who own their own homes, and even though many of the homes for sale in Anaheim are pricey, the salary range for those who work in the area helps to offset the cost. No matter where you live, homeowners insurance is not a luxury, but an important part of your financial protection. Understanding how much insurance you need now and in the future, will help you get the best cheap homeowners insurance Anaheim has available.

Homeowners Insurance In Anaheim

Residents of Anaheim enjoy a lower than average price when it comes to the cost of insuring their home. Anaheim has a median home price of $735,900, and the average insurance premium is $966 per year. Earthquakes are scary, frustrating and very expensive, and even though California is notorious for them, a majority of homeowners opting out of this important overage. In California, premiums for earthquake insurance can be sky high, which is why many homeowners don’t carry it. Given the So-Cal earthquake track record, that is probably not a good idea.

Because Anaheim is located in a coastal county, this increases the risk of hurricanes and windstorms. In addition, the nearby shoreline makes it is important to purchase flood insurance. It is a good idea to run a replacement cost estimation on your home every 2 years. This will keep your coverage adjusted to the correct amount and provide the best cheap homeowners insurance Bakersfield has to offer.