Cheap Homeowners Insurance California

Start My Quote The biggest purchase you will ever make is buying a home. This has probably been a dream of yours for some time. Maybe you are buying your first home, or possibly your fifth rental.  Either way, in California, you need homeowners insurance. You will want to make sure that your home is protected by being properly insured. Since 1974 Cheap Insurance has been getting families the best deals on homeowners insurance. Through this process, we tailor your policy to your specific needs and budget, making it possible to have the best protection at the lowest price. At Cheap Insurance, we have access to some of the top homeowners insurance carriers in the country. By working closely with these companies, we can match you up with the right product for you and your family. We know all of the requirements for the State of California, as well as the extras which you might want so you can feel fully insured.  Having cheap homeowners insurance in California means that you can be covered for the value of your home and beyond.  Let's work together to make homeownership a great feeling at a low cost.

What is Covered By Homeowners Insurance in California?

Let's take a look at what is required to be covered in the state of California: Since each costumer is an individual, not every person will want the same coverage. However, there are certain aspects to homeowners insurance that are necessary. Most policies generally cover the following:
  • Damage to your home, such as permanent structures being destroyed (unless this is specifically excluded in your documents)
  • Damage to personal property, such as items in your home being damaged that are not permanent structures.
  • Liability Coverage, which can be useful in legal matters or if there is an accident at your residents.
  • Loss of Use-allows you to maintain your lifestyle while your house is being repaired.
  • Limited Coverage for theft, which covers things such as stolen jewelry.
  • Additional Coverage (used for more valuable items), covers things such as furs, silverware and jewels.

How You Can Save Money on Homeowners Insurance

There are many ways to help you save even further on your homeowners insurance California. Even though California has very reasonable premiums for a coastal state compared to other coastal states, we are always looking for ways to save you money. Here are some of the things you can do as a homeowner to cut the costs.
  • Get a monitored alarm system for the home. Not only will this help prevent theft, but insurance companies love for you to have it.
  • Put security locks on all of your doors. This is a great idea for any homeowner.
  • Have smoke detectors throughout the house. This is pretty standard, and every home needs to have one.
  • Have a sprinkler system installed in your home. Most new homes are built with this installed. Most older homes do not.
  • Live in a gated community. Sometimes just being fenced into a community can help you save big.
  • Live in a retirement community. Usually only for the 55 and older crowd.
  • A newly purchased home. New homeowner? You might be able to save.
  • Age of home discount. Depending on the age of your house, you could be saving on your premiums.

What If I Lease My Home Out?

Renting out your home may be a smart financial decision for you and your family.  But there are risks in doing this. You will need a specific type of homeowners insurance when you decide to have tenants. Don't worry, Cheap Insurance has you covered! A "dwelling fire" policy will be needed for all homes in California that are rented out.  You can still receive the cheapest and most quality insurance with this sort of policy. You should also encourage your tenants to buy cheap renters insurance in California. This way they are also protected! Everything in their home can be protected.  It may be your house, but it becomes the renters home. They can have everything insured at a great price when they inquire about renters insurance.  From the large Television in your bedroom, to the antiques in the living room, renters insurance is there to help and make sure the renters are protected. Cheap insurance covers all major cities in Northern and Southern California and can help you save today! Get your free quote at the top of this page and preview our website for more information. You can call us anytime at (800) 486-1866 and speak to our friendly and helpful assistants.  We want you to be protected in the cheapest possible way!  

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