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In order to keep the city from expanding into its surrounding agricultural land, the city government is trying to maximize population density within the city first. This is great in one sense, because the agricultural land is important, and it also helps keep the natural environment healthy and vibrant. However, the more densely populated a city becomes, the higher the insurance rates can get. If you’ve seen an increase in your monthly premium it’s a good idea to shop the many options for cheap insurance Ventura can offer. The more comparison quotes you get, the better your chances of lowering your payments.

Ventura is one of California’s many coastal towns, so the cost of living is a bit higher than in the rest of the state. PCH and the 101 both go through town and see frequent traffic delays. Drivers should consider increasing their liability limits and buying collision coverage. Because the average car value is higher in more affluent coastal towns, California’s minimum of $5,000 property damage liability might not stretch very far.

Metrolink has a line that connects Ventura to Los Angeles’ Union Station. The city is also serviced by Gold Coast Transit and VISTA, which both offer buses for commuters. The County government and local healthcare and education groups are the biggest employers in the city, which also means that most commuters don’t leave Ventura each day. This helps keep traffic problems low.

The crime rate in this coastal town is a bit lower than the national average, but the auto theft rate jumped in 2012, which means insurance companies are using that new data now to calculate what they will charge in the coming years.