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Santa Rosa is a beautiful city with a population of 174,170 and a reputation for being community-minded. It has grown steadily over the past years, but still maintains a focus on creating a vibrant, healthy place to live and work. However, the cost of living has risen over the past 5 years or so, as has the cost of doing business in the city. This makes it all the more important to search all the options for cheap car insurance that Santa Rosa can offer.

Santa Rosa is the largest city in California’s North Coast, Wine Country and the North Bay, and the fifth most populous city in the San Francisco Bay Area. Just 55 miles north of San Francisco, Santa Rosa, has a variety of outdoor areas to explore. Wine country and farm country, redwood forests and rivers, lakes and ocean, and in the center, a thriving downtown. The city economy is based mainly on retail and manufacturing, and has an unemployment level lower than the national average. Santa Rosa is a great place for those looking for adventure. It is a hub for cycling, a foodie paradise, and a destination for wine lovers.

Santa Rosa Insurance Information

Auto Theft in Santa Rosa’s is pretty low. There were only around 379 stolen cars in 2014 which is a slight rise from the previous year, but still pretty decent for a city this size. While the city’s cost of living is around 25% higher than the national average, it’s actually a bit lower compared to the rest of California. However, housing costs have the biggest affect on your budget in the Bay Area.

Each neighborhood in Santa Rosa will have different rates for different car insurance coverage. For example, living in South Park or Roseland may mean higher rates for comprehensive coverage, while living in neighborhoods with a greater population density might mean you pay more for liability coverage. If this great city is your home, be sure to review your car insurance policy every six months to take advantage of fluctuating rates and new discounts.