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Newport Beach is a seaside city located in Orange County, California, and is also home to Newport Harbor. Its population in 2014 was 87,266 and the median household income is over $104,000, one of the highest in the nation. The harbor is one of the busiest in the nation for recreational sailing, but there is a good deal of commercial maritime operations in the city as well. The local economy is extremely diverse, and the city is home to one Fortune 500 company (PIMCO insurance). Whether you are a resident or plan to visit, it is worth the time to explore the number of options for cheap car insurance available in Newport Beach.

About Newport Beach

The Newport area was very prominent Indian land before settlers reached the coasts of California. Indian shells and relics can still be found today. Throughout the 1800s, settlers began to inhabit the area due to the availability of land, which the State of California sold $1 an acre. Newport Harbor once supported maritime industries such as boat building, shipbuilding, and commercial fishing, but today it is used mostly for recreation. The Newport Harbor is a semi-artificial harbor that was formed by dredging Newport Bay estuary during the early 1900s. Several artificial islands were built, which are now covered with private homes, and it is now a popular destination for all boating activities, including sailing, fishing, rowing, canoeing, kayaking, and paddle boarding.

Driving In Newport Beach

The crime rate in Newport Beach is well below the national average, however the number of fatal car accidents is around the same as the state average.

Many neighborhoods in Newport Beach are perfect for bicycling. Locals are inclined to use bicycles for short trips, especially to get through summer beach traffic and avoid motor vehicle parking shortages. The nearest freeway is Interstate 405, and with Huntington Beach and Laguna beach close by, it is always filled with traffic from visitors and residents. With the area being full of expensive homes and properties, make sure you have adequate car insurance coverage if you plan to visit, or stay.