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Murrieta’s population exploded after 2000 and continues to grow. This is partly due to its location between a number of different major urban areas, including San Diego, L.A., Orange County, and Temecula. Because most of the city’s residents are commuters, the city sees a lot of outgoing traffic in the mornings, and incoming traffic in the evenings. These are definitely the worst times to be on the highways around Murrieta. If you are a daily commuter you’ll see your insurance rates go up because the risk of filing a claim increases. Insurance companies use this and other data to decide what your premiums will be in the city. However, you can usually save money if you take a couple minutes to look at all the choices for cheap car insurance that Murrieta agents offer. California has more competition for your business than almost any other state in the nation.

Facts about Murrieta:

  • Population growth forces companies to revise their rates frequently. A lot of companies do this every year! This means the price you are paying today might not be the best price tomorrow. We tell our customers to re-shop their policies at least every six months to make sure they are always getting the best deal.
  • Thankfully Murrieta’s population growth didn’t increase its crime rates. It is actually one of the safest cities in the nation, with property crimes being extremely low considering the city’s growth in size. There were only 130 cars stolen in 2012, with most of the property crime taking place in the city center.
  • Depending on where you live in the city you will pay slightly different rates for different coverage. If you are thinking of moving make sure you get car insurance quotes using your new zip code or multiple zip codes so you know how your new neighborhood will affect your rates.


Murrieta is a beautiful city that is right in between Temecula and Wildomar. Also a great thing about Murrieta is that it is a very safe city. To get more into that, it is the second safest city in the nation with 38 crimes reported for every 100,000 people. Raising a family here is ideal as well due to the safety rating. The cost of living in Murrieta is quite high though because of the ideal spot it is in. The median home cost is about 500,000 so it is a bit pricey but you are definitely getting what you are paying for. 

What a lot of people seem to enjoy is the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve. There are a lot of hiking trails on this reserve that people love to go on. The time to visit this place is usually the spring time as everything is in bloom. It’s a great family activity and they have some little spots where you can sit down and have a nice picnic if you want to have one. Overall, Murrieta is a beautiful and safe place for you or your family. These are all important factors to consider when you are looking to settle down in a city, especially if you have a family. Safety is important.