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cheap car insurance lakewood
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Lakewood is located in Los Angeles County, California. The city is an example of post WWII American suburbs and is referred to being “an instant city”. It went from fields of lima beans in 1950 to a completely developed city by 1960. The city has a crime rate below the national average, and car thefts have been steadily decreasing over the last 4 years. Over 75% of the employed population drive their own cars to work and commute times can be long. Residents of Lakewood should take the time to explore all the options for cheap car insurance that the city has to offer, especially protection from uninsured motorists.

About Lakewood

The city of Lakewood was transformed by developers and completely changed the future map of Southern California. Mass-produced housing began in 1953 and the area was a planned post WWII community. Veterans received loans with no down payment, 30 year terms, and only 4% interest. 30,000 people lined up on the first day of sales, and one month later more than 200,000 people had come through. An average of 30 homes were sold per day, and empty fields became urban developments in less than 3 years.

Lakewood is a service oriented community with many parks and recreation programs. It has an unemployment rate below the national average, and a median income that is higher than the national average.

Driving In Lakewood

Traffic is a problem for commuters, who spend an average of 60 minutes a day in traffic. Most people drive their own cars to work, and the city is bordered by some of the most heavily traveled freeways in California. If you live in Lakewood it is a good idea to save the wear and tear on your car, by taking public transportation or even carpooling. This can also help lower your car insurance rates. The less miles you put on your car each year, the lower your auto premiums will be.