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Concord is a major regional suburb of over 120,000 residents. It is the 8th largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area, just 29 miles east of San Francisco. Even though Concord has an overall crime below the national average, last year there were over 300 more car thefts than the year before. Many residents of this bedroom community commute to San Francisco for work, which leads to a lot of traffic congestion. Anyone living in the Bay Area should take the time to review their insurance policy every six months to make sure they are taking advantage of all the options for cheap car insurance that Concord has to offer.

About Concord

In 1813 wheelwright Lewis Downing opened his Concord wagon building business and was joined soon after by coach builder J. Stephen Abbot. Their business grew rapidly, making The Concord stagecoach the vehicle of choice for the Wells Fargo Company, which hauled both freight and passengers to the American West. The Abbot and Downing Company built over 3,000 coaches from 1826 until 1900. They received orders for their wagon from around the world, and also supplied wagons to the army during The Civil War. The wagons were in high demand, and were used as ambulances and to haul army supplies.

Like many rural cities in the Bay area, Concord was a large agricultural community. They grew grapes, walnuts, wheat, hay and tomatoes. It has just been over the last few decades that jobs within the city have increased. Headquartered in Concord are corporations like Round Table Pizza, and the regional offices of Chevron and Bank Of America. The economy has become much more diverse and includes a strong retail section.

Driving In Concord

The city is served by Interstate 680, and state highways 4 and 242. BART runs lines to S.F. and back and the train commutes usually only takes about 45 minutes (depending on where you get off in the city). An increasing number of residents are choosing this form of transportation. Especially when you consider that the less miles you put on your car each year, the lower your car insurance rates will be. The average driving commute takes about 30 minutes in Concord, so taking the train doesn’t add much time.