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cheap sr22 insurance temeculaTemecula doesn’t have much of the same traffic problems as other southern California cities. There may be more DUI rates than you would expect though because of the high number of wineries in the area! The nearby freeways have a heavy CHP presences, and the Temecula PD does do the occasional checkpoint. If you are a resident of the city and have found yourself with too many traffic violations, or one or more major violations like drunk or reckless driving, you’ve probably had your license suspended. This can mean a sharp increase in the amount you pay for your auto policy. Take a couple minutes to look over all the options for cheap SR22 insurance Temecula can offer.

Most of California’s companies have special rating programs for “high-risk” drivers. These are sometimes referred to as “non-standard” policies, but the bottom line is that they exist to give you a fair rate regardless of your driving record. Some of them come with certain restrictions so make sure you talk to our agent before purchasing them.

If you are currently insured you can usually file an SR22 with a simple phone call to your insurance carrier. They will help you fill out the form and give you all the information you will need. They will send the SR22 information to the Department of Motor Vehicles electronically. The SR22 insurance needs to be active for a full three years, with no breaks. If you forget to make and insurance payment, the policy will cancel and the DMV will re-suspend your license again. Starting the process over again is not fun, so be sure to keep your policy current.

Your license can also me suspended again if you receive another serious traffic violation. Be sure to drive safely, and watch out for aggressive drivers. If driving makes you nervous, then check out the options for public transportation in Temecula, or maybe even carpool.