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cheap sr22 insurance sacramentoSacramento has a significantly higher number of drunk drivers than other California cities, with 3,670 fatal accidents in 2014, 410 involving alcohol. There were 1,123 DUI arrests, leaving any local drivers will find with a suspended license and the need for SR22 insurance. The plus side is that there are many agents ready to help find all the options for the best cheap SR22 insurance Sacramento offers. An SR22 is a filing with the DMV that shows “financial responsibility.” Basically it is a document that proves you are compliant with California state law, and it must be maintained for three years without interruption.

Using public transportation for the three year period is a good idea, and prevents any additional driving violations. Regional transit consists of light rail trains and buses. Dial-a-ride, a robust taxi stable, Amtrak and vans to the airport are also available.

About Cheap SR22 Insurance Sacramento

If your license is suspended, or about to be, you probably need one. To be sure, you can get a printout from the DMV. If you have gone through the court system, they should have let you know if you need one, and how long you have to file it. There are many reasons California drivers may need an SR22 filing, including:

  • drunk driving convictions
  • reckless driving convictions
  • too many points on their driving record
  • driving while uninsured
  • license revoked/suspended for other reasons
  • being involved in an accident while uninsured

If you have a current auto insurance policy, you can probably get the filing through your current company. However, depending on what events led to you needing the filing, your rates may change drastically. We recommend you always get comparison quotes when looking for an SR22 filing. Many companies specialize in “high-risk” drivers, meaning their rates are geared to providing the lowest possible premium for SR22 policies.

Having a suspension/revocation on your license for even one day makes drivers ineligible for the Good Driver Discount. That lasts for three years after the reinstatement date. The best thing to do when filing an SR22 is to set your policy up for automatic payments. EFT billing will withdraw your monthly premium from your checking account or credit card each month automatically. This helps reduce the stress that your payment will be received late, or your check will be lost in the mail.