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Because of the city’s location in the Bay Area, there is a lot more traffic, and frequent DUI checkpoints. So the chances of having your license suspended increase a great deal. If you’ve had some extra points on your record, or too many points within a specific period of time, the DMV may be restricting your driving privileges. When this happens you will usually be forced to file an SR22 with the state. SR22 filings allow the DMV to monitor your insurance status, guaranteeing you are compliant with California’s insurance law and are carrying the minimum state coverage. Drivers who find themselves in this predicament should take the extra time to explore all the options for cheap SR22 insurance Richmond has available.

What Is An SR22?


An SR22 is an endorsement to your auto insurance policy. It is added to your policy and your insurance company sends it electronically to the Department of Motor Vehicles. The SR22 will need to remain active for three consecutive years. If your policy is cancelled or lapses for any reason, the DMV is notified (usually within 24 hours) and they can then re-suspend your license and you will have to start the three years over again from the beginning.

To prevent this, it is a good idea to sign up for automatic payments, either with your insurance company or with online banking. This way all you have to do is remember to put money in the bank. If your license was suspended because of a DUI you will also need to enroll in a DUI program that is accepted by the DMV.

During the three year term you will also need to be extra careful when you drive. Be a safe driver and keep a sharp eye out for aggressive or distracted drivers. Don’t let their bad behavior cause you more problems.