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cheap sr22 insurance rancho cucamongaJust a quick search for “Rancho Cucamonga DUI” will give you a good idea of how common they are in the city. People make mistakes, and with such a heavy policy presence, the chances of finding yourself with a suspended license are pretty good. California has pretty strict DUI penalties, including a mandatory license revocation. Typically, after you become eligible to drive again, the DMV will require you to file an SR22 for up to three years. When your license is revoked it is time to explore all the options for cheap SR22 insurance Rancho Cucamonga has available.

What is an SR22 filing?

SR22s are an endorsement to your auto insurance policy. They serve to notify the DMV of any changes to your policy status, and prove that you are carrying at least the minimum insurance required by California law. You’ve probably already paid a substantial amount in DMV and court fees, but the good news is that SR22s aren’t that expensive. They are simply a one-time charge  of $10-$25. However, depending on what violations led to you needing the filing, you can probably expect your insurance premiums to rise.

Examples of situations which may result in a temporary license suspension requiring an SR22 filing include:

  • DUI violations
  • Too many citations or tickets within a year
  • Outstanding fines
  • Driving without insurance

The California Department of Motor Vehicles requires an SR22 to be filed for drivers who have had their license suspended. It is very important to keep this insurance active for three consecutive years. If your insurance is canceled to to non-payment or another driving violation, you will have to start the process over again.

What Are My Options?

There’s a chance that your current auto policy was previously rating you with a clean driving record. This means that, once your new violations hit your driving record, your rates will probably rise. However, most California insurance companies have special programs designed to give “high-risk” drivers fair rates.