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cheap sr22 insurance orangeResidents of Orange have a greater risk of getting traffic tickets, simply because of how much driving they do. Orange County, and Southern California in general, has a heavy police presence and frequent check-points. If you’ve had a DUI recently you are probably required to carry proof of financial responsibility. Take a few minutes today to learn about the filing, and look over the options for cheap SR22 insurance Orange agents can offer.

What Is An SR22?

These are special filings with the state. They attach to your auto insurance policy and allow the DMV to monitor your policy status. Any time your policy cancels, lapses, or non-renews, the DMV is notified and could potentially restrict your driving privileges.

How Do I Get An SR22?

If you already have insurance you can probably just call your company to request it. However, we recommend getting comparison quotes first, so you know if you are paying too much or not. Most of California’s insurance carriers have special programs which are geared toward “high-risk” drivers. They will allow you to file your SR22 and should have monthly premiums that are designed to give you a fair rate.

How Much Is An SR22?

The filing itself is only $10-$25, and your insurance company will only charge you this on renewal. It is not a monthly cost. However, you still must maintain your complete insurance with the monthly payments. If you miss a payment, or get another serious infraction, you policy will cancel and you will have to start over again. It is a good idea to enroll in automatic payment plan to help make sure the payment is made on time. To avoid more driving violations, try using public transportation for a while, or carpooling with a friend. Before long, you will be back on the road with you Good Driver Discount again!