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cheap sr22 insurance oceansideLike much of California, Oceanside sees its share of DUIs. The heavy policy presence, paired with the beach party vibe creates some unique opportunities to get pulled over. If you find yourself with a suspended license, the chances are you’ll need an SR22 to get it back. And if you haven’t had one before, the process can be confusing. If your license is suspended it pays to take the time to check out all the options for cheap SR22 insurance Oceanside has to offer. Our SR22 guide has some detailed information on the filing, but here are some quick facts to help you shop the options for cheap SR22 insurance Oceanside has to offer.

What Is An SR22?

It’s not a separate insurance policy. It is actually an endorsement to your auto policy that allows the DMV to monitor your policy status. If you have current insurance you may be able to get one just by requesting it from your agent. However, depending on what caused you to need the filing, you may want to re-shop your auto policy.┬áMost of the time you only need to file the SR22 for three years. However, if you fail to keep your insurance policy active, that time frame may reset.

What Are My options?

Almost every California insurance company has special programs for “high-risk” drivers. They are built to provide fair rates to drivers who have had bad luck. Since you’re probably already paying a lot in fees to the DMV or the courts, you need to save money where you can.

Most insurance companies will charge you a one-time fee of $10-$25 for the filing. Some will charge you each renewal, but it’s often only at the beginning. However, depending on your agent or broker, there may be other fees that go along with the policy, so be careful. Ask your agent to disclose where each dollar is going, so you know you aren’t getting taken advantage of in a stressful time.