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cheap car insurance oaklandAny commuter in the Bay Area knows how easy it is to get a ticket. Oakland is part of Sacramento county, which had 1,123 DUI arrests in 2014. If you are a driver who has had some bad luck, and find your license suspended, you will need to find all the options for cheap SR22 insurance Oakland has available. There is a lot to love about the city, but it still remains a crowded place, with a huge police presence.  After your insurance company files the SR22, your license will be reinstated. It is very important to keep your payments current for three full years without any breaks.

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About Cheap SR22 Insurance Oakland

An SR22 is NOT an insurance policy. It is actually a filing that is attached to your auto insurance. The filing provides proof to the DMV that you have an active policy. Is is often referred to as a “financial responsibility filing.” Examples of situations which may result in a temporary license suspension requiring an SR22 filing include:

  • DUI Conviction
  • Excessive violations within a short time period
  • Convicted of Driving without insurance
  • Outstanding traffic or parking fines

If you have an active auto insurance policy already, call your company and request the filing. But be aware that some companies will non-renew your policy if you have too many points. Some will also increase your premium a great deal, especially if you need the SR22 due to a major violation (like reckless or drunk driving). SR22s is a one-time filing fee each renewal which usually costs between $15 and $25. This payment goes toward filing the necessary paperwork with the DMV. There may be other fines or fees, depending on your specific situation.