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cheap sr22 insurance norwalkThe suburban city of Norwalk is in Los Angeles County, and is the 58th most densely populated city in California. The freeways going through the city are I-5 and I-605 which are notorious for congestion and accidents. With the amount of people and traffic, it’s not surprising that many residents find themselves with a suspended or revoked license. If this happens to you, be sure to examine all the options for cheap SR22 insurance Norwalk can offer you.

What Is SR22 Insurance?

When your license is suspended the Department of Motor Vehicles will usually require you to provide proof of financial responsibility. This means that they want to make sure you are carrying at least the minimum insurance coverage required by law. An SR22 is that proof. When you file an SR22 the DMV can monitor your policy status by getting frequent electronic updates from your insurance company. So if your policy cancels, lapses, or non-renews the DMV will find out and then has the option of taking away your license again.

If you have a policy with an SR22, it is a good idea to either pay your entire policy term up front (in six-month or annual increments) or, if that’s not an option, enroll in EFT. Electronic Funds Transfers will withdraw your monthly premium from your bank account or credit card automatically each month. This helps prevent cancellations for non-payment, and will keep your policy active as long as your account remains open.

The SR22 must remain active for three consecutive years, and if there is any cancellation of your insurance policy, you will have to start the three year term over again. If you are involved in another driving violation, your license will be suspended for that as well. During the three year term be sure to practice safe driving, always obey the traffic signals and watch out for other aggressive drivers. Soon you will be back on your way to qualifying for that Good Driver Discount again.