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cheap sr22 insurance murrietaAside from DUI convictions, one of the most common reasons drivers find their licenses suspended is for driving without insurance, or causing an accident while uninsured. This is unfortunate because even though California has some of the highest insurance rates in the country, if you take the time to shop you can usually save a lot of money. If you need a state filing, be sure to look over all the options for cheap SR22 insurance Murrieta can offer.

Reasons For An SR22:

  • Reckless driving or street racing.
  • Drunk driving, or driving under the influence of medication or illicit substances.
  • Driving while uninsured.
  • Unpaid judgements or liens.
  • Too many traffic violations.

How To Get An SR22?

If you are currently insured you can probably just call your company and ask that the filing be added. They will help you fill out the form then file it electronically with the Department of Motor Vehicles. This proves that you are paying for the minimum of insurance coverage required by law. If your license was suspended because of a DUI, you will also need to enroll in a DUI program. Make sure it is a program that is approved by the DMV.

You must keep your insurance policy active for the full three years. If it cancels or lapses for any reason your license will be suspended again and the 3-year period resets. You can avoid this by paying your policy term in full or enrolling in automatic payments from your bank account or credit card. Make sure to avoid any other driving violations, because those will automatically cancel your SR22 insurance and you will need to start over.

Practice safe driving especially during this three year period. Make sure you wear your seat belt and obey all traffic signals and signs. It might also be a good idea to try using public transportation for a while, or carpool with a friend. Before you know it the three years will be over and hopefully you can qualify for the Good Driver Discount again.