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SR22 California

Modesto is part of Stanislaus County, which had 569 DUI arrests in 2014. A DUI usually results in a suspended license, which means you will need SR22 insurance. The SR-22 is a formality required to be completed by your insurance company saying that they are willing to insure you after evaluating your current and past driving history and reassessing your risk status. You will need to contact your insurance company for your SR22 form, and they will make sure the DMV is notified. Keeping up insurance payments will important for three years or more. Cheap SR22 insurance Modesto drivers need to make sure they are practicing all the safe driving tips they can. Using public transportation or carpooling is one of the best ways to keep your driving record clean.

About Cheap SR22 Insurance Modesto

This is a form that the state requires to be filed by drivers if one or more of these reasons:

  • Too many points in a short period of time.
  • Hit-and-run accidents.
  • DUI or reckless driving convictions.
  • Unpaid tickets or judgments.

When one of these occurs, many drivers find their licenses suspended. In order to reinstate driving privileges the DMV will require proof of current insurance that meets California requirements. This is where the SR22 comes in. Once attached to your auto insurance policy, it notifies the DMV within 24 hours or so of any changes in your policy status. If your policy cancels or lapses for any reason, you could face another license suspension. The California DMV has an excellent website for more information.

If you don’t have a car you can get a “non-owner’s” policy that insures you to drive cars that aren’t owned by you or anyone in your household. If you do have a car, just figure out what coverage you need and start getting quotes. Be sure to be up front about your filing needs (and any tickets that resulted in the SR22) because many companies have programs geared toward high risk drivers. Knowing what you are looking for up front will help find you the best cheap car insurance for your needs.