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cheap sr22 insurance huntington beachIf you are out enjoying the beautiful shorelines in Huntington Beach, remember to be safe and use a designated driver if you’ll be drinking while laying in the sand. If you don’t, you may need find your license suspended, or even spend time in jail. If that does happen, you will need to explore all of the options for cheap SR22 insurance Huntington Beach has available.

What is an SR22?

This is a filing that is added to your insurance policy. It transmits to the DMV electronically when there is any change in your policy status, such as a cancellation or lapse. It serves as proof that you are complying with California’s insurance laws.

How much do they cost?

The filing itself is usually between $15 and $25 each renewal period. However, whatever violations led to you being required to file one can raise your rates significantly. Any time you find yourself in need of an SR22, it’s a good time to re-shop your auto policy. There are many programs that are designed to provide fair rates to “high-risk” drivers.

What happens if my policy cancels?

If you have an SR22 on file and your policy cancels, and is not reinstated within 24 hours, your license may be suspended again. This is bad news because even one day of suspension will remove the Good Driver Discount from your policy for three years (starting at the reinstatement date). Any additional suspension time will reset that three year window and can end up costing hundreds of dollars in fees and insurance costs.

Any Tips?

The best way to keep your SR22 on file is to pay your policy term in full, if possible. However, if you have to pay monthly (like most drivers) we recommend enrolling in automatic payments. EFT billing will take your payments out of your account automatically, which removes the stress of your payment being lost in the mail.