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cheap sr22 insurance fullertonFullerton has one of the highest incidents of drunk driving in the state. This is not only dangerous (and a leading cause of fatal accidents), but for those caught drunk driving it can be incredibly expensive. If this happens to you, it will be a requirement to have SR22 insurance added to your car insurance policy. Take a look at all the options for cheap SR22 insurance Fullerton can offer. You’ll be surprised by how affordable the filing is, and your monthly premiums.

How Long Do I Need the SR22?

The SR22 insurance needs to be in place for three years. However, if your insurance cancels or lapses at any point during those three years, the time frame will reset. Also, keep in mind that your SR22 is only a one-time charge up front (or once each renewal). It is not factored into your monthly insurance payments. If your rates have gone up since your DUI, its the violation itself that is affecting them, not the SR22 filing.

How Do I File An SR22?

Your insurance company will do it for you and it’s all electronic. The SR22 is attached to the filing of your policy and  the Department of Motor Vehicles is notified electronically within 24-48 hours. The filing will then remain active as long as your insurance does.

Keep your policy active! If it cancels you’ll face an even longer period of suspension. Even one day of license suspension removes the Good Driver Discount from your auto insurance, so you want to get that back as soon as possible. It is highly recommended that SR22 clients enroll in an electronic payment plan for their monthly payments. That way you can rest assured knowing your check won’t arrive late, or get lost in the mail.

Drive safely and avoid any more violations. If you are nervous to drive again, try carpooling with a friend. You can also try taking advantage of the public transportation available in Fullerton. Before you know it the three years will be up, and you will again be eligible for the Good Driver Discount.