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cheap sr22 insurance fairfieldFairfield is located in the north-east Bay Area, and is connected to the major surrounding cities by some very busy freeways. Interstate 80, Interstate 680 and State Route 12 all pass through or are close to Fairfield. This makes it a heavy traffic and accident area where it is more likely to get too many tickets or even a DUI. If this is the case for you, make sure you explore all the options for cheap SR22 insurance Fairfield has available.

What Is SR22 Insrance?

It is an endorsement to your auto insurance policy that proves you are paying the minimum amount of insurance required by law. You can get the SR22 from your insurance company, then they will send it to the Department of Motor Vehicles. It must stay active for a full three years without any cancellations or interruptions. If you miss an insurance payment, or get another driving citation, your policy will cancel and your license will be suspended again. You will have to start the whole process over again from the beginning.

To prevent this, make sure you make your SR22 insurance payments on time, or even better, pay for the policy in full ahead of time. Another option is to sign up for automatic payments with your insurance company or with your bank.

For the next three years you will need to be a very safe driver. Obey all traffic laws and stay far away from aggressive or distracted drivers. This might be a great time to check out all the options for public transportation in Fairfield. If you are nervous about being behind the wheel, taking the bus or train is a great alternative. You could also try carpooling with a friend. Before you know it the three years will have flown by, and you could again be eligible for the Good Driver Discount.