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cheap sr22 insurance elk groveElk Grove was once know as just a small farm town located immediately south of Sacramento. With it’s ever growing population, you can now find just about any amenity you need without leaving the city. With growth however, comes crime, Elk Grove has many crime prevention tips to help keep you safe. Keeping you safe and legal is a main objective for Elk Grove city leaders. If your driver’s license should become suspended, you’ll need an SR22 insurance policy to legally drive again. It is important to take the time to look at all the options for cheap SR22 insurance Elk Grove has available.

What is an SR 22?

Basically, anything that can get your license suspended can cause you to need an SR22. Here are some others examples:

  • Ticketed for reckless driving
  • Racing violation
  • Being uninsured at the time of an accident
  • Too many tickets or points
  • Unpaid parking violations

The California Department of Motor Vehicles requires an SR 22 filing for drivers who have had their license suspended. Issued by an insurance company, an SR22 provides notice and guarantee to the DMV that you have the amount of liability coverage required by the state of California. If your policy lapses, cancels, or non-renews for any reason, the DMV is notified and your license could be re-suspended. You have to begin the process all over again, and maintain it without interruption for three years.

How Do I Prevent  SR22 Insurance Lapse?

One way is to make sure to pay your policy early each month, or enroll in automatic payments. EFT options can withdraw your monthly payments from your bank or credit card each month, reducing the likelihood that your policy will cancel for non-payment. Another way is to practice safe driving and not get any ore tickets or convictions. This might be a good time to consider public transportation or carpooling with a friend if you are at all nervous about driving.