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cheap sr22 insurance chula vistaChula Vista is part of San Diego County, which had 121 alcohol related f fatal accidents in 2014, and 342 DUI arrests. If you’ve had some trouble with your driving record, you may be finding yourself in need of one of the many choices for cheap SR22 insurance Chula Vista can offer.

SR22s are financial responsibility filings. They show the DMV that you are carrying California’s minimum liability insurance requirements on your auto policy. SR22s track your policy’s activity. This means that, if your policy should cancel, the DMV will be notified within 24 hours.

Depending on your particular situation, if you policy cancels, your license may be suspended. This is important to know, because even one day of suspension will take away the Good Driver Discount in California. This will affect you for three years as of the day you get your license back, so it’s important to keep your insurance active or that three year window will reset. This would be a good time to use public transportation or car pool.

More About Cheap SR22 Insurance Chula Vista

If you have current insurance, you can call your agent and ask that they endorse it to your policy. However, we usually suggest getting new quotes just in case. If you had a previously clean driving record, the chances are good that your rates will sky-rocket. There are dozens of companies in California that have programs specifically rated for SR22s and drivers with less than perfect records.

There are filings you can get that attach to policies called “non-owner’s” policies. These aren’t regular auto policies, since they aren’t rated for a specific vehicle. Instead, they provide liability coverage while you are driving somebody else’s vehicle (as long as they don’t live with you). It’s usually cheaper than regular auto policies as well!