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cheap sr22 insurance yuba cityYuba City is just north of Sacramento and is the 21st largest metropolitan area in California ranked behind Redding and Chico. The citys two main highways are Route 20 and Route 99. Many people in the city commute to their jobs in the Sacramento area, so traffic is usually heavy. With so many drivers on the road, you can also expect a strong police presence and a high chance of getting multiple tickets or even a DUI. As long as you practice safe driving and keep your insurance current, you may never need to know about SR22 insurance. Just in case you do, take the time now to look at all the options for cheap SR22 insurance Yuba City has available.

What Is An SR22?

  • This is a filing that your insurance company sends to the state of California DMV  that proves you are carrying insurance.
  • Every driver in the state has to meet specific requirements for liability insurance, and most insurance companies will file your policy with the DMV electronically.
  • After it is filed, you will need to make sure your payments are made on time, and that you do not get any more convictions or tickets. You will need to do this for three full years and if there is any cancellations you will have to start the three years over from the beginning.

How do I get one?

If you have a current policy already, you can usually add the SR22 by calling your agent. However, you can most likely expect your rates to increase once your new violations hit your record. The SR22 filing itself is not expensive, just $10 to $25. If you lose the Good Driver Discount you will face at least a 30% increase in premium. Most California insurance companies have programs with rates that are built around “high-risk” drivers. They may come with certain restrictions, but the price will be more fair.