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cheap sr22 insurance whittierWhittier has a population of 87,318 and most people prefer to drive their personal cars alone to get to work. Like many Los Angeles cities, it sees a great deal of traffic congestion. The San Gabriel River Freeway (I-605) and State Route 72 are the most congested routes. This can increase the risk of being involved in an accident, or getting a DUI. If you have had your license suspended for any reason, you will need to find all of the options for cheap SR22 insurance Whittier can offer.

What Is SR22 Insurance?

An SR22 is a form that is attached to your auto insurance policy. It proves to the DMV that you have a current, auto insurance policy.  All you need to do is contact your insurance company and they will provide you with the form and then send it electronically to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Examples of situations which may result in a temporary license suspension requiring an SR22 filing include:

  • DUI
  • Excessive violations within a year
  • Driving without valid insurance
  • Outstanding traffic or parking fines

Safe driving helps keep rates low on the SR22 insurance Whittier drivers need. For more information,and the closest DMV office, you can also visit the California DMV website.  Having the need for and SR22 is not an irreversible condition, but being classified as a high risk driver can be. There are significant financial penalties if it is not taken care of promptly. If you do not comply with the rules, it can result in the loss of driving privileges and even incarceration. It is important that you obtain cheap SR22 insurance as soon as possible after receiving notification, and keep your insurance current.

You will need to keep your driving record clean and your SR22 insurance valid for three consecutive years. Any break in your insurance or more violations will result in your license being suspended again, and you will have to start the process over from the beginning. After you complete the three years you may be able to return to normal insurance coverage at much lower premiums.