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cheap sr22 insurance visaliaSr22 filings are becoming more and more common. Especially in a city like Visalia. which has a number of major traffic thoroughfares. Frequent drunk driving checkpoints mean many drivers find themselves with a suspended license at some point. While going through the SR22 process can be complicated and frustrating, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Take a few minutes today to compare the many options for cheap SR22 insurance Visalia’s agents can offer you.

What Is An SR22 Filing?

This is an endorsement to your auto insurance policy that allows the state to monitor your license status. You are legally required to carry insurance if you drive in California, and after a license suspension, the Department of Motor Vehicles requires you to provide evidence. SR22s will notify the DMV any time your policy cancels and this could lead to your license being suspended again.

How Do I Get One?

Usually you can just call your agent and ask that it be added. Most insurance companies charge a one-time fee of less than $25 for the filing. However, you might be facing a large rate increase if you have new major violations, like a DUI or reckless driving. At that point you are considered a high risk driver. The SR22 must be in effect for three years. After that, if you have not had any other violations you can probably get back your Good Driver Discount.

What If I Don’t Have My Own Car?

Many insurance companies offer “non-owner’s” policies that are made for drivers who don’t have a car registered in their name. They will allow you to file your SR22 and legally drive any vehicle that you don’t own, or that isn’t available for regular use. It might be a good idea to refrain from driving for a while. Try the public transportation available in Visalia, or carpool with a friend.