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cheap sr22 insurance vallejoVallejo is the tenth most populous city in the San Francisco Bay Area, home to the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom theme park. This makes it a very busy area for tourists, with plenty of traffic. There is a high risk for accidents in the city, so it’s not uncommon to find driving violations are also high. Local┬ádrivers who find themselves with a suspended license should be sure to take a look at the many options for cheap SR22 insurance Vallejo can offer. At a time when you’re probably paying a lot in court fees and DMV fees, finding cheaper insurance is a priority.

What Is An SR22?

SR22 filings are endorsements to an auto insurance policy that enable the Department of Motor Vehicles to keep track of your policy’s status. It is proof that you are carrying the minimum amount of accident coverage required by the state. If you get a DUI, or get in an accident without your license, or have too many tickets, you will need and SR22. Your insurance company can supply you with the form to fill out, then they submit it to the DMV. You will need to keep the SR22 and you insurance policy current for three consecutive years. If there are any gaps in your insurance, the DMV will suspend your license, and you will have to start the whole process over again. So anytime your coverage cancels the state is notified (usually within 24 hours).

What If I Don’t Have Car Insurance?

Most California companies offer “non-owner’s” policies. These are made for drivers who don’t have regular access to a vehicle, but need to file an SR22 and occasionally drive. They are usually inexpensive because they aren’t rated on a specific car, and it is assumed that the driver doesn’t commute by car on a daily basis.

Will My Insurance Rate Increase?

This all depends on what new violations are on your record. DUIs and reckless driving tickets are the most expensive, and stay on your record the longest. If your license has been suspended you are automatically going to lose the Good Driver Discount which can mean a 30% increase in your insurance rates. After three years though (as long as you stay insured) your car insurance rates should start to level off again.