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cheap sr22 insurance santa barbaraSanta Barbara occupies one of the longest sections of coastal frontage on the West Coast. As of 2014, the city had an estimated population of 91,196. This makes it the second most populous city in the county after Santa Maria. Because the city is also a largely affluent beach town, there is a strong police presence. If you have had the misfortune to have you licensed suspended, is worth taking a couple minutes to look over all the options for cheap SR22 insurance Santa Barbara can offer.

What Is SR22 Insurance?

  SR22 insurance is basically a form that is attached to your current auto insurance policy.This lets the DMV know that you have paid for the state mandated required insurance coverage. The insurance company will help with sending your SR22 to the Department of Motor Vehicles.  You must maintain this insurance coverage for three years without any cancellations. If your license was suspended because of a DUI conviction, you will also need to complete a DUI program that is accepted by the DMV. Any serious driving infraction will categorize you as a high risk driver. All high risk drivers need an SR22. This may include those who have been in an accident without insurance coverage, or drivers who have had too many citations in a short time period. Your SR22 insurance can be canceled automatically if you miss a payment, or get another serious driving infraction. To make sure that does not happen, you can do is sign up for automatic payments with your insurance company or your bank. Another option is to pay the full term up front. Your auto insurance will be more costly for a while, but after you complete the three year term, you may qualify for the Good Driver Discount Again. Just to be extra cautious, it might be a good idea to make use of public transportation for a while, or maybe even carpool.