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cheap sr22 insurance rosevilleWhile Roseville doesn’t have the same problems with drunk driving as nearby Sacramento, there are still plenty of ways to find yourself with more than one ticket or major violation on your record. When this happens, most drivers will be required to file an SR22, which can be a hassle. It pays to take the time to shop all the many options for cheap SR22 insurance Roseville has available.


Reasons you might need an SR22:

  • DUI or reckless driving convictions.
  • Too many violations within a specific time frame.
  • Unpaid judgments.
  • Causing an accident while uninsured.

What Is An SR22?

The California Department of Motor Vehicles requires an SR 22 filing for drivers who have had their license suspended. Issued by an insurance company, an SR 22 document provides notice and guarantee to the DMV that you have the amount of liability coverage required by the state of California. It also allows the state to monitor your insurance policy, so if it cancels, lapses, or non-renews for any reason the DMV is usually notified within 24 hours.

How Much Does The Filing cost?

The SR22 filing is generally just a one-time charge of up to $25. It’s a simple filing fee that the insurance companies charge to process it with the DMV. Some companies might charge you for the filing each renewal however, so it’s worth asking what your insurance company’s policy is. That way you aren’t surprised by a large renewal bill.

You will need to keep your insurance current for a full three years, and keep your driving record clean. Practice safe driving, always using your seat belts and looking out for other drivers who are not paying attention. If you are nervous about driving you can try carpooling with a friend, or better yet, use the many options for public transportation that Roseville offers.