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cheap sr22 insurance orovilleOroville is located off of Highway 70, and is one of California’s most northern cities. It is close to Highway 99, and Sacramento is about an hour south. Oroville is considered the gateway to Lake Oroville and Feather River recreational areas. It is a popular place for hiking, fishing and horseback riding. Vacationing an sometimes make us forget some driving rules, ending with multiple tickets or even a DUI. If you have had your drivers license suspended, you will need to understand all the options cheap SR22 insurance Oroville has available.

What Is SR22 Insurance?

  • This is a filing that your insurance company sends to the state of California DMV  that proves you are carrying insurance.
  • Every driver in the state has to meet specific requirements for liability insurance, and most insurance companies will file your policy with the DMV electronically.
  • After it is filed, you will need to make sure your payments are made on time, and that you do not get any more convictions or tickets. You will need to do this for three full years and if there is any cancellations you will have to start the three years over from the beginning.

You might also need an SR-22 if you had any of the following:

  • A DUI or DWI
  • Driving without insurance
  • Repeat traffic offenses or too many tickets in a short time period
  • A revoked or suspended license

How Do I Get SR22 Insurance Oroville?

All you have to do is call your local insurance agent. If you don’t currently have insurance, do some shopping to find the best cheap car insurance. The SR22 filing itself is not expensive, just $10 to $25. If you had the Good Driver Discount you will probably lose that for a while, and face at least a 30% increase in premium. Most California insurance companies have programs with rates that are built around “high-risk” drivers. They may come with certain restrictions, but the price will be more fair.