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cheap sr22 insurance el monteBecause of El Monte’s proximity to Los Angeles, the rate of traffic tickets for drivers is a lot higher than other parts of California. Part of this is that residents are more reliant on their automobiles in Southern California, but it also has to do with LA County’s heavy police presence. If you’ve run afoul of the law recently and have had your license suspended, you might need to file financial responsibility with the state. The good news is that it’s easier than ever to explore the many options for heap SR22 insurance El Monte can offer! 

Reasons For An SR22:


  • drunk driving convictions (probably the most common)
  • convicted of reckless driving
  • uninsured driving
  • hit-and-run convictions
  • unpaid liens or citations
  • too many traffic violations (DMV points)

Aside from the rate increase you’ve probably already experienced (depending on whether your company is including your new tickets or not), SR22s don’t really cost you much. Most insurance companies charge a one-time fee of $10-$25 for the filing.

How do I file an SR22?


You used to have to physically visit an insurance agent and have them file a carbon copy for you, which you would then have to physically take to the Department of MotorVehicles office. However, now it’s all done electronically which is a lot more convenient. It also means that the DMV can better monitor your policy status, so if your policy cancels for any reason the DMV is usually notified within 24-48 hours. They then have the options of re-suspending your license. To prevent this from happening make sure you pay your insurance premiums on time every month, or pay the whole year up front. You can also sign up for automatic payments every month through your bank. Make sure to practice safe driving and before you know it, you will again be eligible for the Good Driver Discount!