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chea[ sr22 insurance costa mesaCosta Mesa is in Orange County, California, and very close to the major freeways of Interstate 405, Route 73 and Route 55. The economy of Costa Mesa relies mainly on the retail industry, making it one of the busiest suburbs in the county.  Being on the road so much means sooner or later many people wind up with a suspended license. If that happens, be sure to investigate all the options for cheap SR22 insurance that Costa Mesa has available.

What Is An SR22?

An SR22 is a form that you can get from your insurance company. The insurance company then files it with the Department of Motor Vehicles as proof you have the required amount of auto insurance coverage. There are many reasons someone might need an SR22 besides being convicted of a DUI.

Your license can be suspended for having too many violations in a short time period, or if you are caught driving without a license. You can also have your license revoked or suspended if you have unpaid citations. These are all reasons you will need to file an SR22, and you will need to keep the SR22 active for three full years. If you have any lapse in your insurance, your license will be automatically suspended, and you will have to re-file and start the three year term over from the beginning. Another requirement is that you enroll in a DUI program, if that was the reason for your license suspension. You can do this online, but make sure it is a program that will be accepted by the DMV.

Keep You Driving Record Clean

One way to make sure your insurance does not lapse is to enroll in automatic payment. That way the payment gets made on time every month without fail. It is also important to practice safe driving during this time. Always wear your seat belt, obey the speed limit laws, and watch out for aggressive drivers. Soon you will be able to qualify again for the Good Driver Discount with your insurance company.