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cheap sr22 insurance conccordConcord’s police set up frequent drunk driving checkpoints. The good news is that they usually notify the public beforehand. However, if you didn’t see the notice, and have recently had some legal troubles, you might find yourself in need of some of the cheap SR22 insurance Concord agents can offer. We don’t judge. We know people make mistakes, and it is our job to find you the lowest rates regardless of what you have on your record.

What is an SR22?

You are legally required to carry insurance if you drive in California, and after a license suspension, the Department of Motor Vehicles requires you to provide evidence. The common misconception is that SR22s are a form of insurance. It isn’t exactly, but you do need to already have auto insurance before you can get an SR22. Or start a new policy with the filing attached. If you have current insurance, you can usually just call your company to have them add it to your policy.

Your insurance company will get the form filled out, then they will send it to the DMV. Sr22 filings allow the Department of Motor Vehicles and the state to monitor your insurance policy’s status. So if it cancels for any reason, the DMV is notified electronically and could suspend your license again.

Some studies estimate the total cost of a DUI conviction to be between $5,000 and $10,000. Part of this is because drivers don’t comparison shop enough. Most California insurance companies have special programs for high-risk drivers, or drivers with multiple major violations. There are dozens of companies doing business in California, and they all want you as a customer.

How Long Do I Need To Carry SR22 Insurance?

Usually three years. However, if you have any lapses in coverage during those three years, that time period could be extended. It’s very important to keep on top of your policy status while you have an SR22. We sometimes recommend enrolling in automatic payments which could help reduce the chances of your policy canceling for non-payment.