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cheap sr22 insurance buena parkBuena Park is part of Orange County, California, and about 12 miles from Santa Ana. The city is the location of several tourist attractions, including Knott’s Berry Farm, so it is naturally a busy place with plenty of tourists having a good time. That makes it more likely that drivers in Buena Park could get multiple tickets, or even a DUI. It is well worth it to check out all the options for cheap SR22 insurance Buena Park has available.

What Is SR22 Insurance?

An SR22 is actually a form that is added to your auto insurance policy to prove to the Department of Motor Vehicles that you carry the state required minimum insurance coverage.  Just contact your insurance company and they will provide you with the form and then send it electronically to the Department of Motor Vehicles. Here are some examples of situations which may result in a license suspension and would require an SR22 filing:

  • DUI or DWI convictions
  • Multiple tickets within a year
  • Involved in an accident without insurance
  • Traffic or parking fines that have not been paid

Depending on what violations led to the SR22 filing, the state usually only requires them for 3 years. However, if you don’t carry an active insurance policy for the entirety of that time, this can be extended. If your insurance policy has a lapse of even one day, it will automatically cancel andd you will have to restart the 3 year term.

It is a good idea to enroll in an automatic payment plan for your insurance, that way it won’t be cancelled due to late payment. It is also very important to be extra careful on the road and obey all traffic signs and laws. An even better idea is to try out public transportation for a while, or maybe even carpooling with a friend.