Cheap Motorcycle Insurance San Francisco

Start My Quote It's a fact: Californians love their motorcycles. Ask any San Francisco rider what compares to cruising on a Vespa, hugging corners on a Ducati, or cruising the coastal highway, and they'll say that there is no comparison. But every rider knows that with the freedom of the open road, also comes risk. That is why it's important to have serious insurance coverage for your motorcycle - and yourself. Do your homework and you will realize that to get the best cheap motorcycle insurance San Fransisco has, is from our company.  

San Fransisco Motorcycle Insurance Requirements

California law requires the same amount of liability coverage for motorcycle riders as it does for automobile drivers:
  • $15,000 per person
  •  $30,000 per occurrence for bodily injury liability
  • $5,000 for property damage liability
  • Uninsured Motorist coverage is not required by state law but can be very useful for the motorcycle enthusiast.
Did you know that liability coverage won't cover the cost of repairs to your motorcycle in the event of an accident? It won't even cover  your medical expenses. Because motorcycles face a higher risk of a total loss in a collision, comprehensive or collision coverage is essential to covering all of your bases as a rider. You need cheap motorcycle insurance in San Fransisco.  This city is small, with steep hills, a lot of people, and mega tourism. Protect your bike and yourself! Cheap motorcycle insurance offers motorcycle riders a range of policy options at some of the lowest prices available. We'll also customize your policy to meet your needs; we offer optional coverage for safety apparel, custom parts, medical, and towing.   Owning and operating a motorcycle in San Francisco can be expensive, but motorcycle insurance doesn't have to be.  With us,  you can find coverage at some of the lowest rates because we have access to the best prices and policies from all of the major providers. We can uncover additional discounts for safety courses, more than one bike, and being a safe driver, as well as other discounts. Whether you're flying down the hills of San Francisco on the back of a Harley, or fitting in a tight parking spot on your scooter, anything can happen. So be sure you're covered!  

Motorcycle Clubs in the San Fransisco Bay: