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cheap motorcycle insurance ReddingRedding is the county seat of Shasta County, and is located at the northern end of the Sacramento Valley, equal distance between San Diego and Seattle on Interstate 5. It is 160 miles north of Sacramento and 230 miles north of San Francisco. It is the largest city north of Sacramento and a center of trade and commerce for retail, education, professional services and government. Interstate 5 bisects the entire city, from the south to north before it approaches Shasta Lake, located about 15 miles north of downtown. The cost of living in Redding is 20% lower than the California average, but still 9% higher than the national average. The overall crime rate in Redding is 82% higher than the national average, and in 2014 there were 23 collisions in which there were victims killed or injured and a motorcycle was involved. This makes it especially important to understand all the options for cheap motorcycle insurance Redding  has available, as well as any discounts you may qualify for.

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cheap motorcycle insurance Redding 2The Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay is one of Redding’s most notable attractions. The bridge was designed by the noted Spanish architect-engineer-artist Santiago Calatrava and links the north and south campuses of the 300-acre  Turtle Bay Exploration Park. The pylon holds up the bridge support cables and also acts as a sundial, which is accurate only on the summer solstice—June 21 or 22. As an environmentally-conscious structure, Sundial Bridge was intentionally constructed without river footings to leave the salmon-spawning habitat undisturbed. Turtle Bay Exploration Park, located along the banks of the Sacramento River, contains a museum and 20-acre gardens. There are permanent and changing exhibitions highlighting art, history, horticulture, forestry, and natural science. There are a diverse number of annual events that appeal to all likes and ages. The Sundial Film Festival, The Redding Rodeo, The Lemurian Shasta Classic Mountain Bike Race, and Redding Beer Week are just a few of them.

Cheap Motorcycle Insurance Redding Park Requirements

This is the minimum liability coverage required by the state of California, and remember that liability motorcycle insurance will not cover your own injuries or property damage. If you own a motorcycle in the Golden State, you’ve made an investment you want to protect, so consider adding to these basic requirements.

  • $15,000 for injury/death to one person
  • $30,000 for total injury/death if multiple people are hurt in the accident.
  • $5,000 for damage to property
  • The state requires all operators and their passengers to wear an approved safety helmet at all times, regardless of whether you ride a motorcycle, a motor-driven cycle, a motorized bicycle or a motorized scooter.

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