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Pasadena, California is one of the oldest cities in Los Angeles.  It has a lot of culture and adventure, and not to mention great people! If you live in Pasadena, you know what I am talking about. Motorcycle riders love this city! If you are commuting on a bike or just cruising the streets on a scooter, riding on two wheels makes life easier and a whole lot better. Riding makes it easier to park, easier to maneuver through congestion on the roads and easier to find friends with this cities great motorcycle culture.

If you ride, you also know that with this ease, also comes risk.  When you ride, you have a target on your back.  Fortunately there is an answer. Getting your hands on the cheap motorcycle insurance Pasadena requires you to have is it! Don’t get stuck in a situation where you have to pay out of pocket. You earned your money, and you should keep it.  Let us help you find the right solution.

Motorcycle Insurance Requirements Pasadena

Here is a list of basic motorcycle insurance requirements in the great state of California:

Bodily Injury Liability Limits: (this will only cover the other party involved in the accident, but your bike will not be)

  • $15,000 per person
  • $30,000 per occurrence

Property Damage Liability Limits;

  • $5,000 per occurrence

This seems like way less insurance than you might want. Most riders want more! Here is a list of features that cheap motorcycle insurance can give you:

  • Collision coverage will cover you and your bike in the case of an accident.
  • Comprehensive coverage will cover other things such as theft or damages to your bike not incurred by an accident.
  • Towing is always a good idea as a biker.  You may spend long hours out on the open road, and need a tow from time to time.
  • Uninsured Motorist coverage means that is someone without insurance hits you, you will not have to pay out of pocket. This happens more than you might think.
  • You may also consider getting your gear insured.  We all know that gear and helmets are not cheap.  Getting them insured could save you in the long run.

As a rider, you spend a lot of time and money on your bike.  Why feel at risk? Get your cheap motorcycle insurance in Pasadena and ride with peace of mind. You may even qualify for cheaper insurance if you take a safety class or keep a clean driving record. Insurance companies reward riders for things like this. Take control and know you are safe and protected!

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